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2 days into school and I am already swamped!

Last night we had to do a lengthy worksheet, study questions, listen to 4 lectures, and watch a video. Tonight I went to class all morning, went to work until 9, then came home and listened to four more lectures, filled out a super long worksheet, did some readings and study questions and I am just now getting ready for bed to be back up for class at 9.

I am

1) So glad that I quit my job and am finishing my last few days

2) Annoyed that they didn't give us more information before the program began so I could have read/worked ahead. I am not a fan of little sleep. I don't do all night study sessions and it would have been nice to have more than 12 hours notice to complete assignments

3) Not going to be on here that much these next few weeks.

Nothing seems hard yet, the work is just very time consuming and I am not used to having graded homework.

 I hope you ladies are doing wel!

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Re: 2 days into school and I am already swamped!

  • Right now I am sure everything seems way overwelming. But give it a few weeks and you will get a schedule going and it will be fine. GL
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  • Wow... that is a lot! Hopefully you get into a good routine quickly.
  • My friend just started the regular 2 year program and she is constantly telling me how hard it is so I can only imagine how hard the accellerated program is! I hope things are going better for you since you posted this a few days ago! PS--drink a lot on your nights off Big Smile
  • Lol things are still crazy but I have done really great on my first two tests. I got a 94% on the first and a 98% on the last. Don't worry about the drinking part, we are already planning a barcrawl! All the girls that are in my group are really cool so that makes going to class that much more enjoyable.
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