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XP - Relocation question (Rancho Santa Margarita area)

Hi!  I hope I picked the Nest board closest to the Rancho Santa Margarita area.  If not, let me know if there is a different board I should post on.

I live in Tucson, AZ and my mom lives in Phoenix.  She is currently going through a divorce (my stepdad cheated on her and is leaving her for the other woman - although I tend to call her worse names IRL...). 

Anyway, she was laid off from her job in February due to them outsourcing the accounting dept. she was in.  She has been looking for a job ever since then.  Although, with the affair coming out this summer, she has been expanding her outlook to beyond Phoenix.

She has been interviewing with a company in Rancho Santa Margarita, and she is down to the final interview.  I know that she has started looking at apartments in the area, just in case.  She will be keeping her house in Phoenix and renting it out, and therefore just looking for an affordable apartment (in a decent area - not necessarily luxurious, but safe) somewhat near her job.  Because of the divorce, I know money will be tight, but I don't know what her exact budget is, so I can't really be too specific.

I have heard that the area tends to be a nicer area, and therefore might not be as affordable?  Can anyone tell me if that is true?  If what I heard is true and it is more expensive, can anyone recommend an area that she could look for apartments that would be reasonably close to her job?  Maybe 30 - 40 min drive at max.

Thanks for any help!

Re: XP - Relocation question (Rancho Santa Margarita area)

  • I have no recs but what's her budget?  someone might be able to help based on that info.
    merry everything!
  • p.s.  RSM is kind of in BFE, so she probably won't want to live too far.  the areas around it are pretty good, too - lake forest, mission viejo, foothill ranch for example.
    merry everything!
  • I'm not really sure what her budget is.  I think she will be looking at one or two bedroom apartments.  I just thought that if there was an area not too far where she might get more for her money (like maybe she could afford a two bedroom in a different area vs. a one bedroom near her work).  I know there are cities here in the Phoenix area like that (where you are basically just paying more for the location).  Just curious if there were more affordable areas near there.  Or if maybe it is more affordable than I heard.

    Thanks for the info!  I will pass it along to her!  =)

  • Just to give you an idea my friend was renting a 2 bedroom apartment in RSM a couple years ago for $1600/ month.
  • Thanks!  Yikes!  That seems like a lot.  But I have no idea what is normal for Southern CA.
  • you could try lake forest or Mission Viejo for closer cities that are cheaper.  Ladera Ranch is another city that is close but would be far more expensive.  I had a friend who was recently living in the Avila apartments in RSM and she was paying $1200 for a 1 bedroom, but she said it depends on the model.
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  • Las Flores shares the RSM zip code but is on the very edge of it and sorta not 'in' RSM but back 5 years ago we rented a 1bedroom on the top floor for $1200. An Archstone property. If that helps......
  • Thanks for the tips!  I will pass them along to my mom!  =)
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