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Bikram Yoga

I don't know at what point my logical mind said:

"Hey, I've been working all day.  I think the best thing to do now is pay some skinny stranger $18 to put me in a 105 degree room and make my fatas$ do yoga.  Yes, definitely the best thing to do."

That's what I did this evening.   I spent the bulk of the class in the standing or sitting pose (sorry I don't remember the names) because I thought I was going to vom whenever I did two poses in a row.

But they talked me into buying two-weeks unlimited as a beginner's special, so I'm going at least once more to get my money's worth.

Anybody else tried this?  Any suggestions to not feel like I'm goin to puke any given second?

Sometimes I think this healthy stuff is for the birds.


Re: Bikram Yoga

  • I have never tried it.  My BFF tried to get me to do it with her for a long time, but neither of us ever did. 

    Good luck in the next couple of weeks.  I am sure it will get easier as you keep going. 

  • Shortly before I became pregnant I started doing Bikram. I found out I was pregnant about 5 classes in so I obviously stopped. Dude, you're right, it's friggin' hard! I, too, sat in the child's pose for most of my first 2 classes. It does get easier and, though. I really started looking forward to it because of the way I felt afterwards.

    Best advice for you: drink lots of water, rest when it gets hard, where tightger fitting clothes, breathe, and don't push yourself when doing poses.

    Neena Mae. 1/7/10
    "A baby nursing at a mother's breast is an undeniable affirmation of our rootedness in nature." - David Suzuki
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  • I decided to give it a shot right after I graduated college.... I wanted to do yoga & it was the only yoga place in town that I knew of.  It did get better after the first few times as my body got more used to it.  Then I took a break because I got the flu.  When I went back, my body still wasn't completely back to normal & I thought I was going to die that day (literally)... I walked out in the middle of class & then being young/stupid I was too embarrased to go back in for my towel & water botttle so I just left the building & them there.... oops.  Needless to say, I haven't gone back.  I just stick with regular yoga now.  Stupid story I know, but I feel for you definitely.... and it does get better after a couple of times!!
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