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a good auction to check out! esp ifyou have a bar in house

Indigo Joes there on 74th and dodge is ordered to auction off its assets - anywhos - there are a shittton of tv's and sports memorabilia, along with a lot of other goodies - you can bid in person on sept 15th, or bid live via proxibid (like ebay) as well.

Things that caught my eye: husker stuff, autographed stuff, commercial hobart mixer, Jager 3 bottle dispenser cooler thingy, 50 tvs -all flatscreens, pub tables with chairs, patio table w chairs and CPT MORGAN umbrella (nice!), outdoor lp gas patio heaters,

Just thought I'd share - :) Dont outbid me bitchez.

Re: a good auction to check out! esp ifyou have a bar in house

  • Thanks for posting this, might have to check into the Morgan umbrella's..DH has been wanting something like this ever since the neighbors got a Crown Royal one, lol.  Not exactly what I had planned for patio decor, but you can't win 'em all!

    Have you looked at these auctions before?  Any idea what something like that could go for?

  • Fun!  Thanks for sharing.  I noticed yesterday that there's also an auction going on in the plaza at 156th & Pacific - that Super Supper place closed.

  • Well you shouldn't have posted this if you didn't want us to outbid you :)

    But thanks!  And seriously, could those high top tables be any uglier?  I would love one, but come on. 

    It's kind of sad that a sports bar in (what used to be) the middle of town can't make it. 

    thanks to jennied :)

  • yeah, they are fug - but maybe some reupholstering could fix them up?
  • Gave the info to the hubs and he's actually considering taking off work for it.  He can decide how fug they actually are and if they're workable.  Reupholstering is one thing I can actually do! 

    thanks to jennied :)

  • Just an fyi, I know from a very reliable source that the distributors are putting up a huge fight with the bank for the liquor/beer merch since technically bars don't "own" that stuff (the bigger items, that is).  They are allowed to use it and display it if they carry their products.  Just in case someone has their heart set on one of the alcohol-related things, it may not be there when the auction actually starts.
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  • Last year my husband went to a restaurant auction (somewhere on W Maple) and came back with a commercial stainless steel sink/prep table for the garage, a bunch of lodge art for his man cave/cigar lounge, and........... a GINORMOUS MOUNTAIN LION.  Real.  Stuffed.  Mounted on one of our walls.  Seriously, this thing is 10 feet long, I swear.  It's kinda spooky!


    He still lives with the regret of passing on the moose antlers.... didn't think we could get them through the front double-door.



  • Almost forgot - he also got 3 humongous lounge chairs that are built with pine and have big honking cushions (again, for the man cave).  I made him CLEAN those suckers before he brought them inside. :) 
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