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BR: Crazy Lady in Target

I was in Target today with Collin. He was in the wrap and we were in line to check out. The woman in front of me was talking with the woman in front of her who had a little girl. She turns, takes notice of us and says, as she squeezes my son's thighs "OMG look at those hamhocks. I just can't even believe them. I need a picture." She proceeds to dig through he purse, finds her phone, and takes a picture of my son's legs.

I was speechless. I seriously didn't know what to say. It totally doesn't bother me when people call him chunky, but she took a flippin picture. She kept saying people just wouldn't believe her without a picture. The checkout girl just had this look of total and utter belief on her face when the woman walked away. Like did that really just happen???

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Re: BR: Crazy Lady in Target

  • That phone would have been on the floor if it were me. I don't mind people (Family) taking pictures and posting them, but a complete stranger! My goodness.  I can't believe a person would do that, that is just insane!

    I saw your video earlier, he is a cute chunky monkey.

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  • Wow, I totally read "hamhocks" as "hammock" I was so confused!!

    Now, on to my reaction...WHAT?!?!?  She seriously took a picture of his legs???  That's beyond creepy and weird.  Wow. 

    Brooke & Codey 06.07.08

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  • Not cool at all!!  That is not okay!!!  I definitely would have covered his legs with my arms and told her to take a picture of her own saddle bags.
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  • Wow, I would have yelled at her!  SO inappropriate!  You are wayyy nicer than me.

    Some crazy foreign woman came right up to me and Natalie in Disney World and just took a picture of us (well, Natalie) without even saying a word.  Then walked away and showed the picture to her friends.  I didn't say anything because it wasn't worth it due to where I was and how many people I was with (and my mom would have launched an all out beat down), but I was soooo fumed after that.  It might be normal where she comes from, but I was very pissed.

    What is with people?  

    Married in 2008 - DD born in 2010 - EDD 6.15.2012!
  • Ugh, yeah, no.  I wouldn't have broken it but I would have waved my hand in front of the camera to ruin the picture (I've done this before, when my husband was carrying his nieces and someone tried to get a pic of his undies sticking out). 

    Seriously...who takes random pictures of other peoples' kids?

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