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I replied to your OPK post below and then decided it was too buried and that you'd never see it. ::Points below::

Re: tarmar**

  • Hey thanks lady!

    I'll take a pic of the strip and post it when I get home.  I normally post that kind of thing on the GP board but sometimes I just want one or two people's opinion on something and not 10 of them.

    I have the CVS brand OPKs and their directions say to use FMU (which is weird because usually you're supposed to pee on them in the afternoon.)  If I do that, it's always faint, but in the morning, the test line is much, much darker, no matter what day I test on!  I know those things don't stay positive for 5 days in a row!  (I hope to hell I don't have PCOS--apparently that can cause positive OPKs all the time.)  Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm nowhere near ovulating yet.  My chart isn't looking promising, as you can tell.  Link in sig.

    Oh, and good luck to you on the O'ing. :)

  • I've been using the CVS brand too. When I first started I used FMU, never got double lines, and started freaking out. Then, I read online to test in the afternoon and at night, so I've been doing that and I get much more accurate results. I can see the line gradually getting darker throughout my cycle and I've definitely had two dark lines for the last two days. TMI, but my urine is definitely much more diluted in the morning than other times of day, so testing in the morning was no good for me. Maybe testing in the afternoon will help you get better results too.
  • Your FMU is diluted?  Whoa, you must drink a ton the night before. :)  Mine's always pretty...uh...concentrated.  What's weird is I get really, really pale lines in the afternoon/evening and they're darkest in the morning, even though OPKs generally are more accurate later in the day.


    The top stick is from the 26th, the other one is from this morning.  They look identical.  Pretty sure that's not considered a positive (especially not for 5 days) but the girl had some OPK examples and one of hers did look like that and she said it was positive. I'm completely confused.
  • My urine is very light in the mornings and I hardly ever get a line. I always assumed it would be more concentrated in the mornings, too, but since I've been regularly peeing in a cup I've noticed otherwise. Maybe I'm backwards.

    I keep reading that you should always look at the darkest part of the line. The left side of the lines is definitely darker, but I don't think it's enough to call it a positive. The second picture looks darker than the first and since it was taken on a later date it may mean you are getting closer to O. Could you still be a day or two away?

  • I definitely could be a few days away from O'ing, since I definitely haven't O'ed yet!  I guess I'll just keep peeing in a cup to see what happens. :p

    Do your lines look a lot darker than that?  Since you use the same brand, I'm guessing you have a better idea of what a true positive looks like.

  • When I get a true positive it's as solid and dark as the control line. My negative lines are very light or uneven like the ones you posted. When I get a positive, it's obvious.
  • Thanks, DD.  Now I know what to look for with these.  Definitely haven't seen a full-on dark line yet.
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