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Gotta AW my excercise acheivement :D

This morning I went running... Outside!! I've always been a little scared of it, but I did it! I did 2.12 miles in 30 minutes (including warm up/cool down walking) which is a really good time for me on a flat treadmill, so it's REALLY awesome on hilly sidewalks! Yay! :) I was pretty pooped after that since I'm not used to using all those muscles (since you know on treadmills you don't really have to go forward) but I'm trying to work my way up to 60 minute workouts!


And thanks for all the birthday wishes! 


Re: Gotta AW my excercise acheivement :D

  • Thats great! I wish I had a place to walk/run to get a workout. The only place around my house is a park 3 miles up the road, and its hard to get time to go. I wish I could just walk outside my house and take off.
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  • Congrats Hayley, that is fantastic!!! 

    One question: what does AW mean?  Sorry if this is totally obvious, but I have no clue.

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  • AW=Attention Whore
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  • Oh.  Then I am a total AW.
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  • image jehawley:
    Oh.  Then I am a total AW.


    Congrats Hayley, I need to get on that too, I really want to be a runner.  And happy birthday too! :)


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  • That's fantastic!

    I hope that I can absorb some of your ambition when I get home tonight. I need to run in the worst way. HH and I are running in a 5k on Monday, and it seemed like a super-easy goal when I sent in the check. After two weeks of pretty much living in my office and subsisting on coffee and Snickers bars, however, I'm no longer so confident...

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