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?s - hosting a blood drive /marrow registry?

This is related to my post yesterday about the teacher with Leukemia (T-Cell PLL)

There's been discussion today about ways the parents (esp the PTO) can help his family.  I suggested that we host some kind of drive to get people registered for bone marrow donation and do a blood drive in conjunction.

I know the chances of anyone at the school being a match are slim, but I know that donors are needed across the board, and maybe someone will be a match somewhere else.

I signed up a while back through Bonfils / Be the Match.  I remember it being fairly simple -- q-tip swab and filling out info.  I don't know how much work it would be to do, or if we just set it up and let Bonfils do the rest. 

It seems like Bonfils is the predominant organization, at least around here.  Are there others I should look into?   Has anyone done one of these before?



Re: ?s - hosting a blood drive /marrow registry?

  • We had a booth at our Run event in May for Love Hope Strength where they took just 5 minutes to educate, swab & packet up whomever came by willing to donate.  I think as long as you give them somewhere to be they'll show up - it's a matter of inviting them.

    That said, you'd want somewhere with LOTS of foot traffic - enough to glean at least 5-10 people who will sign up as a donor.  I know they've been at Red Rocks and places where a guaranteed few thousand people would be walking by. 

    If you're looking for another idea, Light The Night is something I'm participating in on the HealthONE team - works a lot like the Komen Race where you can set up your own donor website and have people donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - it's on September 30th at Wash Park, walk starts at 7pm.

    Waiting for some innocuous creativity... I'll let you know.
  • I believe, and this info is a few years out of date (like 4) unless you have a unique population, or insane numbers of people, to hold one costs money.

    Essentially, testing every single person to be on file from such an event is expensive and doesn't quite make sense financially given the success rate.  However, if you have a large African American poplutaion, or other under-represented group, then they are a little more anxious.

  • And....I should have read more clearly.

    Bonfils is the place for a simple blood drive (the only ones in the game in town) and are simple enough.  They'll send a bus if you can guarantee a certain number of donors, or you can 'host' at one of their facilities.  You donate blood in honor of a person, but can't 'line jump', really, for a specific person's needs.  So more like 'give blood in honor of Mr. Teach', not "give blood to Mr. Teach".


  • Like Rox said, Bonfils does mobile blood drives all over town.  We host them at our development all the time, including one I donated at just last week. They send me the fliers to distribute or e-mail out and then Bonfils does all the work, including setting up the appointments.  They usually also take walk-ins which is why they like to do them in areas with foot traffic.  Their buses are self-sustaining so you don't even need to supply them with power or water.  Usually they just need an area to check people in and for their post-donation cantina with snacks and drinks.

    As for the marrow portion, I don't think they offer that as I've never been asked to be tested at any of the mobile blood donations or been given any information about getting tested elsewhere.

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  • Check both the Bonfils site and the NMDP Be the Match site.  There are several upcoming bone marrow registration events in the area.  Something else that looked pretty neat is the Sports Marrowthon.
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