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HELP: College Care Package for SIL

Sooo, it all started with these super cute homemade magnets. With the help of a friend I made some from my SIL - thought they'd be cute for her fridge in her dorm.

Now I want to turn it into a full on care package. If I'm going to ship something I want to make it worth while.

I figured I send:

    2 Cans of chili from a local chili place
    ... and that's all I got.

What should I send?

I wanted to make a corny mixed tape. But do people have cassette players anymore? Geeked

Ideas ladies? She went away 3 weeks ago fully stocked with essentials. I just want this to be a cute, I haven't forgotten about you yet package. :)

[IMG]http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i220/trickeytricky/463073_361060323935872_249254421783130_980011_919771394_o-1.jpg[/IMG]<BR><BR><a href=http://crapcutters.blogspot.com target="_blank">Cut the Crap: a weight loss blog</a><BR><BR><a href="http://www.myfitnesspal.com"><img src="http://badges.myfitnesspal.com/badges/show/1040/5494/10405494.weight-lost-sm.gif" border="0"></a><p style="text-align: center;width:226px;"></p>

Re: HELP: College Care Package for SIL

  • quarters for laundry

    beer cozy thing

     homemade cookies


    Just a few ideas.. 

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  • Gift card to a coffee place?  Movie ticket gift certificate? Not sure about her financial situation, but I was on a TIGHT budget in college and those things were golden.

    Or you can be awesome and send her a fake id. Stick out tongue

  • Lip gloss

    nail polish

    easy mac

    fun post it notes (not the plain yellow squares)

    funny/cute card she can hang by her desk


    image image
  • i agree cookies, easy mac, 

    maybe microwave individual cakes/brownies, panera/strbucks/ben and jerrys gift card, crystal light 

  • definitely quarters if she has to do her own laundry--it is such a pain to find them!
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  • I agree with the homemade baked goods, if at all possible.  Easy mac is another good idea.  Yum!!

    I always loved getting quarters when I was in college.

    That's all I can think of outside of the essentials that she probably just got 3 weeks ago when she left.

    • Microwave popcorn
    • Quarters
    • Highlighters
    • Post-it flags
    • Pens (blue, black and red)
    • If she doesn't have one, a shower caddy (assuming she is in a dorm) and maybe a cheap pair of flip flops too
    • Tide stain stick
    • Starbucks gift card
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Good tea bags (if she drinks tea)

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