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A/C Question

Has anyone ever had their air conditioner freeze?

Ours did last night, and the freeze meant it stopped working and so I kind of slept in sweltering heat.

It is melted now, and the air is working again.  

Should we have someone come out?  If this happened to you, what did you do?  What was the end result?

White Knot
Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot

Re: A/C Question

  • We had this happen in our old place. The first thing we did was clean the filter which definitely helped. Also, we made a more conscious effort to turn the A/C down during the day so that any build up there was could kind of melt away. We'd turn the A/C down but leave all our fans on to keep the cool air circulating throughout the condo.

    The one air conditioner kept doing it on a weekly basis no matter what we did, so we replaced it. The other one the changes we made seemed to help and it rarely if ever froze up after that.

  • we have central air and our system did that back in June. We ended up having the air people come out and check our numbers and they gave it a boost of freon and since then it has been working fine. Our system is also on  the old side so they told us to watch it because it could mean we would need a new system soon.
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  • We clean the filter monthly.  I guess it has just been a particularly hot summer, and even though we turn our air up to 78 when we leave the house, it wasn't giving it enough time to recoup.

    Maybe it just needs a freon boost.  I'll keep trying my leasing company to see if they'll send someone out.

    White Knot
    Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot
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