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Dinner Guest Question...

We are having a dinner guest over tonight who is one of my husband's work colleagues, a a really nice older professor.  Just found out this morning that he asked if it was alright to bring a friend (which of course DH said yes).  We've got plenty of food, so really not an issue there, but DH said his friend speaks French & Italian, very little English.  Given that our language skills in French & Italian umm...suck.... What can I do to make sure she is enjoying herself and feel welcome?  I know what it's like to be the only one in a room that doesn't understand what's going on b/c of a language thing, and I really want to put her in that situation as little as possible.  Our dinner guest speaks like 7 languages, so I'm sure he would be the grand translator, but when DH and him start getting into discussing minutae about biology, if his friend isn't a science type I'm not really sure what to do.  Frankly the work my husband does is a foreign language to me even when it is in English, and i'm a  scientist!
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Re: Dinner Guest Question...

  • Smile alot, offer her food and wine and remind the men that they are excluding people when they talk biology.  Also, you are just going to have to go with the flow.  So, maybe the prof will be already to bring her into conversation and translate, or maybe he won't even notice that she looks board and excluded.  So, much has to do with  your translater as well.
  • The most uncomfortable thing for me when I'm in a situation like this guest is to be completely ignored. So, after you figure out what is meant by limited English, see if there is anyway you can get her to talk about herself. Nothing makes a person more comfortable than talking about themselves.
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