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Anyone here use Vonage for your phone service? I've seen the commercials and am thinking of transferring my service from Verizon but wanted to get some feedback on it first. It almost seems too good to be true....

Re: Vonage?

  • when my best friend was away in med school she had vonage for her phone service and never complained. She said it was worth the price for what she needed it for. She had an issue once where it went out but I am not sure if that was vonage or the remote island she was living on at the time.
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  • OK, cool. Thanks for the feedback.
  • I've seen those commercials and wondered the same thing.  Seems too good to be true.  Keep us posted if you make the switch!
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  • I actually just decided against it. I have a bundle with Verizon for the phone and internet, and found out that if I drop the phone, my internet will go up ($10 more than what I'm paying now), so my savings won't be that much. Also found out that if you're online, you can drop calls or miss calls, and that seems like a hassle to me. I ended up switching to just the cheapest local phone plan they have cause I never use the landline but still want it as a backup.

    May drop the cable plan and am looking into switching cell phone providers to save money that way too. Such a hassle tho, I am avoidant when it comes to this kind of thing cause it's just a PITA to do it, and then I end up paying too much money. Gah.

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