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Chrisnjay's Meatloaf

Made it last night.  Delicious.  But it gave me the weirdest dreams!  (Ok, maybe I can't blame it on the meatloaf, but can probably blame it on eating really late because I waited for HH to get home from his trip, so we ate and then went straight to bed.  We're so healthy like that.) 

I had crazy dreams the whole night.  I dreamed that I was flying a plane, that I was in this temple of ruins (like all the ones we saw in Europe) and that people kept handing me random things that supposedly had "meaning", like the stranger who handed me a receipt with my name on it saying I owed him 239,491 NYC subway tokens for an overdue cell phone bill.  I dreamed that I had "air skiis" on (skiis that you can wear to ski in the air, like a hovercraft, apparently) and that I ran into my high school boyfriend, who asked me to join his hockey which I responded "pfft, do you even KNOW what my husband does?" This totally shocked him and he left in a huff, which is when his two younger sisters appeared and told me that he is leaving his wife because he's gay now.  I could go on...but I won't bore you. 

Moral of the story is: do go an entire week without eating any meat, then eat a load of it directly before going to bed.

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Re: Chrisnjay's Meatloaf

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