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This is what I'm scared of


I don't know why I'm so petrified of hoarding, I have never known anyone who has this condition, but this literally scares the heck out of me.  I know that this is why I'm compulsive about cleaning and organizing my own home.  I absolutely abhor knick knacks and any little items that can collect dust.  It can feel like our house is pretty barren actually, because there is literally not one thing sitting out.  For example, in our tv room, besides the furniture (couch, loveseat, chair, coffee table, lamp/sidetable, end table, tv stand and big screen) the ONLY things in the room are three remote controls on the coffee table, a picture of HH and I in a frame on the lamp-table, and a candle and two picture frames on the end table.  There are two pieces of art on the walls.  And it's a big room. 

I watch the show "Hoarders" in a weird kind of morbid fascination, and then immediately need to throw more things out.  Not a day goes by that I don't throw things away.  But can you even imagine living like the poor lady and her husband in this article?  It just brings tears to my eyes!

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Re: This is what I'm scared of

  • OH MY! She was under all that stuff for FOUR MONTHS! Hoarders (the show) fascinates me.  It's just totally beyond my comprehension.  
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  • Ummm... That's buh-sgusting!  I can't imagine that the house would smell so bad that no one would notice the scent of a 4 MONTH OLD DECOMPOSING CORPSE! I mean... seriously.  Ew.

    I'm going to go vomit now... Thanks J.

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  • It is also a fear of mine that I will die someday and nobody will know for a few days.  I know that's irrational considering I'm married, and Dave and I don't ever go a whole day without talking to one another when he's away, but what if he dies first?  I'm also really paranoid that something will happen to my mom and we won't know for a few days.  My mom is REALLY independent, and she thinks absolutely nothing of deciding on a whim to hop on a plane, or get in the car and go on a random trip by herself.  There have been SO many times when we'll go a few days without talking, and I'll need her for something and call her over and over, and when she finally returns my call a few days later, she'll be like "Oh, I decided to take a road trip to Montreal" or something ridiculous.  By herself.  Without letting any of us know.  What would happen if she was off on one of these trips and got abducted?  We wouldn't have any idea where to start looking for her.  We try to explain this to her all the time, but she tells us we're being ridiculous.  She just hates having to answer to her children, haha.
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  • gross gross gross. i can't imagine! i hate clutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We watched an episode of Hoarders once, but we had to eventually change the channel because the woman in that episode talked EXACTLY like Matt's mother. Her speech patterns, thought processes, irrationality, all of it. At least MIL hasn't started piling up random crap yet.
  • That poor family! How in the world do you not notice a corpse thats been rotting for 4 months?! I've watched Hoarders before and I can't imagine living like that!
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  • This may sound bad, but I love watching the show Hoarders.  It makes me feel icky enough to where I get up and start scrubbing down the house.  I mean, I totally feel bad for the people on the show because most of them don't realize that they have a problem, but come on... you leave a pumpkin rotting on your floor because "it was just too pretty to throw away"????  REEEEEALLLLLY?????

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