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The nerve of some people

OMG! I went grocery shopping while Aaron was at work today. We are having burritos this week and when I got to the wraps I couldn't remember if we had any since when they are on sale we buy extras and freeze them. So I pull my cart all the way to the side and call Aaron to ask if we had. Conversations lasts a whole 30 seconds while he tells me that he remembers defrosting the last ones so we need new ones. 

During those 30 seconds I get bumped from behind. I don't think much of it, figuring it is either a kid or someone who misjudged while trying to get past the couple who parked their cart in the middle while looking at the other side. 

Turns out that it is some 80 year old woman. Instead of apologizing she starts telling me that I should wait until I get home to talk on the phone.

I was shocked. No excuse me or apologies. By the time I actually realized what had happened she was gone. (I was like 2 feet from the end) 

I could not picture my grandparents or Aaron's grandparents ever doing that, would yours? 


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Re: The nerve of some people

  • She must have a hard time functioning in society if she thinks that it's her duty to reprimand everyone she sees talking on a cell phone!

  • You should have ran her over with your cart and then told her to mind her own business. That may be harsh but it is annoying. I understand in certain situations cell phones are not acceptable. lIke when the line at starbucs is 8 people long and the person at the counter is standing there on their phone with their finger in the air telling the barista to hold on a second. I just want to punch those people. However, I call Cody at least once during my grocery visits to ask if we need something and I know I'm not the only person that does that so she should calm down. 

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  • ALJSFHAFh  I think that I hate society.  Some people just do not belong in it, and while I typically love old people as a rule, some of them think that they can get away with anything just because they're old.  To answer your question, no - my grandma would never do something like that, because while she may be feisty, she also has manners.  And hitting a stranger with your shopping cart to tell them off for something that they are not even doing wrong, is rude rude rude.  With that said, while I have no problem sticking up for myself in general, I find that I am completely unable to be snarky towards old people, therefore I would have been helpless in this situation as well.  Good thing for us we have a place like this board where we can come and vent it out!!  xx
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  • I could understand if she was right behind you the whole time and you just stopped and she ran into you.  Like it drives Adam and I NUTS when you're out in public and you're walking behind someone and they just stop.  Or people that just stand there with no regard for other people needing to continue on their way.

    Obviously, you didn't do any of that and she was just being a crotchety old woman.  Unfortunately, not a whole lot you can do about that.  Besides, of course, what stephers said. :)


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  • Some people just should not be able to be let out of their house! I think she just wanted to blame something on someone and unfortunately you were the lucky one she picked.
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  • So did she bump you on purpose???   Bitter old hag. Ugh. 
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  • i would have punched her in the jugular. end of story.
  • image CTGirl30:
    So did she bump you on purpose???   Bitter old hag. Ugh. 


  • Some people have no manners at all and don't know how to act in public. No, neither of my grandmas would ever do anything like that. If they bumped into you they would apologize. Both of them have cell phones to! lol
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  • 80 years old or not, I would have told her exactly what I thought of her.  Just because she's a mean old b!tch doesn't give her the right to act however she wants.
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