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I need to learn more about cars

or have less faith in mechanics

I took my car in for an oil change on Tuesday and they told me that my battery was original to the car (so 7 years old) and you're supposed to replace them very five years or so and that they tested my battery and it failed their stupid test. They also told me they charged the same as Lordco and that they didn't charge for installation. It all sounded good to me so I told them to put it in.

When I got home my husband scoffed at me and said that my battery was great, we would know if it was starting to fail, and anyway he was just at Lordco and they charge half as much as I was charged, so I could have saved $65 if I had asked my husband to do it.

Today I was driving and I suddenly heard this bad, loud grinding noise from the front end. A couple months ago we heard a very similar noise and we got out and touched the metal part on the tires and one was smoking hot. This told my husband that we had a wheel bearing that was seizing and we shouldn't drive it any further. So I stopped, got out, and touched the metal part of the front driver's side wheel. Smoking hot. I touched the rear end to compare. Cool. So I figured it was another wheel bearing and drove two blocks to the nearest auto shop, white knuckled the whole way, afraid my wheel was going to seize up and snap off.

Auto shop called later and it was my brake pads- they were getting too worn down and causing too much friction and generated the heat. The noise was the squealers. I told my husband when he called from work and he said that if I had just driven home he could have replaced the brakes himself for $60 instead of the $300 the shop charged me. He said that although squealers can sometimes sound bad, they're nothing to get too worked up over and I had plenty of time to fix my brakes.

Grr. So in the past two days I've spent $500 on my car when my husband would have spent maybe $150. Sucks. I wish I knew enough about cars to make the right decision.

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Re: I need to learn more about cars

  • That just plain ole sucks! I haven't had that much go wrong with my cars but my go to is calling 1800 Dad. DH not so much, but my dad usually knows what's up.
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  • lol, I tried that too, but my dad was at work an unavailable, as was my husband.
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  • I guess Im lucky in this area that my bf is a mechanic anda  tow truck driver. It has also taught me that I generally just needed to be more aware of my car. With the battery there is a little glass circle that if you look into it and its green your battery is generally fine so if it isnt causing problems theres no reason to change it.

     The only time I wouldnt be having someone other than a licensed mechanic work on the vehicle is if its still under warranty. Because that totally voids it.

     Theres no shame in being careful!

    Maybe next time something happens take it to a shop but just have them look and see whats wrong. You dont have to have them fix it right away.

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