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More canning adventures

We canned tomatoes last night.  Some came from the farmers market, and some from our garden.  Here's my second-timers experience (the first was the pickles, which were comparatively easy).

1) Canning takes massive amounts of counterspace.  We have a big kitchen, and it seems like we used every inch.  I felt overwhelmed by bowls, cutting boards, lids, cooling racks, etc, like I constantly needing to make room for something else.

2) Tomato acid burns, ouch.  Or maybe I'm just a wimp.

3) While I'm on the topic of  burns, it's a good thing I didn't skimp on buying canning tools.  I cannot even imagine trying to do it without a jar lifter.

4) My sink is too small.  This is not a new problem, but my canning pot is huge.  Maybe we should fill it with the potable hose attachment we use on the fish tank?

5) I ran out of lids, another rookie mistake.  Corrected by an emergency trip to the store by DH while I filled jars.

6)  It seems like canning would be almost impossible without two people.  Well, maybe it would be okay if you were better prepared than I was.

7) Canning is thrilling in a way I didn't really expect.  I used to think it was something I'd never attempt.  Not like gardening, which I had wanted to try for years.  Canning seemed old-fashioned and freaked me out until very recently.  But the kitchen was filled with sweet tomatoey aroma afterwards, so I think it will be worth the effort.

Re: More canning adventures

  • Congrats on your efforts!  Sounds like a success in the end.  I prepared a few cushaw squash the other night and it took forever. Preserving, canning, and freezing is not for the faint of heart.  I'm not sure how much I'll be trying in the future,
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  • This post needed pictures. Big Smile

    I'm so impressed! I keep learning about canning, but not doing canning.

  • It's funny you say that, because I considered taking pictures.  Then I thought, who wants to see my disaster of a kitchen right now, and all the jars sort of look the same when they're done, you know?  I should have thought of that while we were processing.

  • Fabulous! I have been canning for years. It is a lot of fun. I love trying new recipes every year.
  • We have canned 400lbs of Romas and Cherry and Pear tomatoes this year. Its very time consuming and tiring, but its so worth it in the winter when making Chili and soups. We have the luxury of having a ton of space since my parents have a farm, but still with two or three people doing all the work its incredibly exhausting but worth it.
  • I hear ya on it takes lots of space!  I almost don't have enough room on my stove burners for the pot of sauce, pot of hot cans, and canner.

     But once you get the hang of it, it's less daunting.


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  • Congrats! H is the canner in our house. Every year we can peaches, pears, tomatoes, salsa, jellies, peppers and anything else he can find/think of. It is so nice to a pantry full of yumminess! Plus the bonus of being able to give homemade gifts!
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  • Good job! So far I have only canned blueberry maple jam. I had fun but need smaller jars. I only filled one full and then have been using the half filled one


    Here's a picture (I hope)


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  • 3. YES!

    I canned for the third time (small batches, 3 jars at a time) with barely any supplies and burned my hand trying to get the heavy full jars out with these silicone tongs thing we have... Without Neosporin I would have been in rough shape. Right there and then I decided no more canning until I At Least had a jar lifter !

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