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for those of you who have sucess in losing weight....

Can you please share YOUR secrets?

I am in need of some encouragement to lose weight.  I really WANT to but am just self loathing.  I make excuses at every turn. 

I have gained 70 lbs in 10 years and if I keep on at that rate I will be 300+ lbs by the time my kids graduate highschool.

So share what helped YOU lose weight.  I know for everyone it is different but I just need to get motivated!



Re: for those of you who have sucess in losing weight....

  • My mom has been on just about every diet known to man. The one that she was the most successful in was called Weigh Down Workshop. The main message she gives, basically don't eat unless you are hungry. She elaborates on why, how, and motivates you every step of the way.

  • Spark People. Seriously, it's very motivating and it's really easy. You track what you eat online, and you track your exercise, too. Oh, and it's FREE. They also have message boards that can help you get motivated, too.
  • Weight Watchers. You can still have French fries/chocolate/beer/whatever your weakness is, you just can't have as much as you want or are used to. I highly recommend using the online tools AND going to meetings every week. Knowing I have to weigh in every week really keeps me motivated. Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Hi there!!!  I've lost 43 Lbs. in around 5 years and kept them off... and I still want to loose another 10-15... 

    For me it's all about self motivation, really wanting it and will power... probably easier said than done.  I also have NEVER hated my body or talk down about it, even when I was heavier I didn't think I looked bad, I just wanted to fit into more clothes Smile and look good in them.

    Think about other reasons you want to loose weight other than "I'm too fat", for instance, I want to be in a healthier weight when I get pregnant (so I don't have as much to loose after), or to wear X clothes, or to look better on my 10 yrs. reunion, or to look better naked Wink or even look better than my friends LOL

    My first tip, because this has worked for me, is try and not tell anybody you're on a diet, because people will tempt you knowingly or not, and then you'll feel like you should eat what they're offering, a better way to go about it (I think) it's just thinking and saying something like "no thanks I'm full/or I just ate"... 

    Second, DO diet AND work out... Unless you can it VERY little, you won't be able to loose weight by just eating less.

    The first 20 Lbs. I dropped, I did it by drinking the Slim Fast shakes, I didn't eat ANYTHING else during the day but that, and then I would have whatever but not a lot for dinner (I wasn't counting calories or working out).

    I lost another 20 Lbs. before my wedding, which I lost by going on the South Beach diet for a couple of months and working out... A LOT, I think I was doing 40 minutes of bycicle 5 times a week during lunch and 30-60 minutes 3 times a week at the gym...  I was also doing Sparkpeople which I really like because that holds you accountable for your food intake and your workouts (people tend to think that they don't 'eat that much' but when you put everything you ate in, you can REALLY see how much you ate).

    I gained that back (the last 20) kind of fast, mainly because I stopped watching what I ate and didn't work out as much.  This last June I lost 13 Lbs. by eating ONLY fruits and vegetables for 3 weeks, and then I did the same thing in August, so I'm down again to my wedding date weight.

    Oh, and I also included playing Dance Dance Revolution as part of my workout rutine, which I really like, and it even has a workout mode.

    Now I'm keeping 'score' again through Sparkpeople and I'm going to start reincorporating more workouts. 

    Another 3 small tips:

    1) Do not starve!!!  Eat a often, but try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables (if we all ate our 5-6 recommended servings a day we wouldn't be hungry and we wouldn't gain weight, I think... 5-6 servings of fruit is A LOT of food and they do fill you up!!!).  If you don't eat, at some point you'll be sooo hungry that you'll eat anything, and you'll end up eating too much.

    2) Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can... they will fill you up without adding too many calories, plus they have fiber and many nutrients.

    3) Drink lots of water...  Going to the restroom 20 times a day sucks...  but even your skin will notice, and you won't eat because you're thirsty...

    If you want to talk about it more or need more motivation (I could even send you my before and after pictures!!!) email me at pisb at yahoo dot com!

  • Dang... that was long... I hope you can get through it!!!

    Any way, I forgot to say... One of the biggest motivators, once you start loosing weight is the many compliments you start getting from people!!!

    Good luck!!!

  • Jenny Craig. I love it. It's expensive but that is part of what keeps me "motivated".
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