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Trying to find a midwife...

Does anyone have one?  Or can you recommend one?  I'm in the O'Fallon area.


Re: Trying to find a midwife...

  • IL or MO?? i can get the contact info for one in IL.
  • MO.  Sorry, I just moved back to the STL area & I always forget there is an O'Fallon, IL too.
  • Yeah. Everyone seems to conveniently forget about IL - the evil stepchild of the STL area.

    Anyone else aware that O'Fallon IL is actually closer and more convenient to STL than O'Fallon MO? Anyone? Bueller?

    Good luck with the midwife thing.  I know there aren't many, because midwifery was basically illegal in MO until a couple of months ago, and even now doctors' groups are fighting to prevent them from being able to do much. At best, you may find a medical practice that also includes midwives.

  • LOL, DG - I didn't move to O'Fallon to be close to the city. 
  • What are your reasons for wanting a midwife? They don't have delivery privileges in MO (not sure about IL). If you're looking for a less interventional birth - in a hospital or at home - you can look into hiring a doula. They're kind of like professional birth assistants. Some people rave about them and others didn't think they were much worth it. I think if you're talking about having a low intervention birth in a hospital, finding the right doc is key. I think the website for doulas is You can search fby state from there.
  • Thanks eml569, I already have a daughter so I know about doulas & midwives, doctors, etc. 

     I thought they got delivery privileges back in MO.  They didn't?

  • Just got this email from my senator:

    Thank you for your email. In 2007, legislation was passed that would make midwifery legal in Missouri. Although a lower court ruled the measure unconstitutional, the Missouri state Supreme Court upheld the provision this summer, ruling that the plaintiffs had no authority to challenge the constitutionality of the midwifery provision that passed the legislature. Because ruling by the Supreme Court, midwifery is now legal in our state. I have always supported legalized midwifery, and you will be happy to know that the Supreme Court's recent ruling has expanded Missourians' options for birthing delivery methods.
  • There is one in St Louis-


    Or get in touch with your local Friends of Missouri Midwives group, they may be able to pass your info along to one.

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