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we had talked about it a lot but then I never heard anything?? I'm still really interested in doing this. have we given up on trying to make it work?

 I need to have more girls nights and this just seemed perfect and like a lot of fun!

Since a lot has been going on with buying new houses and stuff- if finding a place to host was the issue, I'll gladly host at my house??

Re: Bunko?

  • Hey, I've just been really busy and haven't had the chance to stop and think about it.  I did order a bunco set online though and recceived it a while back, so I have all the stuff we need as far as dice, bells scorecards etc.

     How many people on here are really interested in joining a bunko league?  It's really just about getting together with the laides once a month.  The game is simple and i can teach it to everyone in a few minutes.  The catch is if you decide after a few months to join, thn you would host Bunko night once a year.  That way everyone hosts it once (12 players, 12 months, it works out perfect!) 

     Anyway, I was thinking I probably won't be ready to host it at our house until maybe December but if someone else is availabl to do it sooner I'm all in.


  • I would be willing... my house is just small :( but if you can see past that...then I'm willing.  and I know my sister would be willing to host too. Also When you host, so you have to have 4 tables? or do people just improvise (IE coffee table, kitchen table ect.)

    But I understand with all you have going on that you might want to put it on hold for a while. It's ok with me either way. I know how time consuming buying a house is!

  • I'm still willing.   Bunko uses 3 tables for 12 people-so 4 people at each table.   Yes we improvise-kitchen tables, dining room, card tables.  

    I'm excited-my monthly Bunko is this Friday!   It's usually the 2nd Friday of the month but the host had to change it. 



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  • I have a card table and 4 chairs I could bring Cari.  I think improvising is fine as long as you have 3 separate tables which can each seat 4 people.
  • That sounds like fun.  I could host too.  If you guys want to drive to seneca...
  • Lauren I live in Piedmont so I'm not in the Greenville area like most people are- I don't mind driving anywhere under and hour....

    I would love it if you could bring the card table and chairs.

    I might look into purchasing one myself....then we could use the kitchen and coffee table.

    So will I be starting the hosting? It's fine if I do... just set up a date and we'll get to it!

    Just keep in mind when you see my house that it's 30+ years old and we are working on updating it (so no making fun of my 1970's dishwasher...ok you can make of it b/c I know I do!!!)

  • Seeing the lack of response we had on the last GTG I'm guessing a Sat is not the best day to do it, maybe a weeknight in the evening??? like maybe 7:00 pm?  That way people who work will have time to come home, regroup and then head out to wherever the Bunko night is?


  • I vote for Thursday or Friday night....maybe even Tuesday but I think I'd like Thrusd or Friday the best....and If I have to pick one of those I'd go with Friday- bc you never know how late it could go, right?

  • I would prefer Fridays-but just not on the Fridays I have my other Bunko.  That league meets the 2nd Friday of the month (unless the host has something else going on and needs to change it).   My 1st loyalty is to that group. 


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  • so we have:




    Me :)

    possibly my sister and friend Ashley

    anyone else have friends/family that can join? b/c we need nine that that's only 4-6ppl

  • I mean we need 12...right?
  • Haha yeah we need 12...  I'll see if I can get MRSD07 to join... my cousin may play too
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