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s/o care basket/gift - what would YOU want?

s/o to nabum's little sister going to college next weekend - what would you want in a care package?  Reasonably priced things obviously.


cute commuter mug or regular coffee mug

extra advil, bandaids, allergy meds

bottle of wine or champage, St. Germain liquor if you're a big spender lol

Funyons and cheetos (little bags)

subscription to US Weekly or something mindless

Loofah/exfoiliater glove/sponge with body wash that I wouldn't normally buy for myself


baby blog

I'm 10yearstogether

Re: s/o care basket/gift - what would YOU want?

  • I like your nailpolish suggestion.

    hanky pankys are always great!

    running socks

    starbucks gift cards or via packets (iced and hot! :))

    protein bars/nutrition bars

    sweaty bands (my new love!)



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  • - Travel mug with tea bags (I don't drink coffee)

    - Antibacterial hand lotion, lotions, loofah from Bath and Body

    - Sandals for the showers (if in dorm)

    -  Nail kit with a couple of nail polishes

    - Stuff for organizing papers, pens, etc (cause im a dork)

    - Photo album 

    - gift cards to starbucks, target, casual restaurants


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  • laundry basket/detergent

    itunes GC

    $$ for the cafeteria

    beer  ;)

    merry everything!
  • OH!  a bunch of those 5 hour energy drinks for the late night studying.  or if she's really hungover from the night before and needs to function.
    merry everything!
  • I'd love itunes cards for the random downloads of necessary "feel good" sounds..
  • Coffee Bean Card

    TJs Card

    Costco Card


    I can pretty much get all my non-clothing/beauty needs fulfilled at one of these 3 places.

  • I'm new here (to the threads and to Orange County actually) and this thread sparked my interest. I was in college only a couple of years ago, so I have a few suggestions:

    -Snacks...100 calorie packs in particular. I always had some of those in my bag to munch on during class.

    -Gift cards...I like the Starbucks and iTunes ideas. Target is another good can never go wrong with Target :)

    -Maybe a t-shirt or coffee mug from the school bookstore. I got a lot of stuff with my college logo on it when I graduated from high school and I loved it.

    -Laundry supplies (Detergent, dryer sheets, Tide pens, Febreze, even a bag of could put everything in a cute laundry basket too. I've been using Purex 3-in-1 sheets and they'd be perfect for a college student. I hated lugging around huge containers of detergent every time I did laundry.)

    -Desk/school supplies...cute folders, colorful paperclips, maybe even a personalized set of stationery to write home with and a sheet of stamps.

    -Shower stuff...a colorful basket to hold toiletry items, a pair of flip flops for the shower, and a cute robe and towel.

    I like the nail polish idea that someone else suggested too. The girls in my dorm were always getting together to paint our toes and fingers.

    Hope this helps! :)

  • Thank you for all of the helpful suggestions. I bought her:

    red Essie nail polish

    a manicure kit


    dry shampoo

    Hello Kitty Band Aids

    Crystal light packets

    100 calorie packs


    Purex 3 in 1s (these are super cool - thanks for the rec!)

    plastic shot glasses

    a 2 pack of Dr Dre and Snoop Dog pint glasses

    a Slanket

    a lint roller


    I am going to try to find a cute SC shirt and my older sister is going to pick up some gift cards to Coffee Bean, Quiznos and maybe itunes. We're also going to put some photos in frames or on a cork board in there. We're putting everything in a laundry basket. :) 

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  • You are a kickass sister!  All that stuff sounds great!

    I didn't even think of dry shampoo - good call! 

    baby blog

    I'm 10yearstogether
  • image nabum:

    a 2 pack of Dr Dre and Snoop Dog pint glasses

    a Slanket

    OMG, love. 

    merry everything!
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