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Re: mayo on french fries.

  • I've never liked ketchup, so this is how I've been eating them for a long time. The Danish way is to eat them with remoulade, though.
  • not the Dutch mayo. I haven't had any that I've liked yet.

    when I went to Belgium I fell in love with their mayo though. I'm guessing they sell it here in NL, but maybe I'm better off not knowing :)

  • Why can't I vote? 

    I actually just ate mayo on my fries... just this very minute!

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  • Ever since I experience it in NL, I can't go back. We even have a jar of that dill-ish kind of fritesaus in our fridge!
  • neepsneeps member
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    image Neshama:

    not the Dutch mayo. I haven't had any that I've liked yet.

    when I went to Belgium I fell in love with their mayo though. I'm guessing they sell it here in NL, but maybe I'm better off not knowing :)

    This. I used to think I was a hellz no girl, until I went to Belguim. OMG the mayo there is amazing. I haven't looked, but I bet the international food store here has Belgium mayo, but I'm probably better off not knowing too.

    I'm bi-coastal. I live on both sides of the Atlantic.</br>
  • I used to eat them with mayo and ketchup. So good, but so unhealthy, so i don't do it anymore. But now that you've reminded me...

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  • i do it sometimes. more frequently here, but realistically maybe once or twice a year?
  • i really, really try not to eat fried food. but, if i really want some fries it's ketchup all the way :-)
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  • Yup I will eat fries with mayo, ketchup, honey, sweet/sour McD's sauce, curry sauce, ranch, honey mustart, you name it!

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  • I had to vote "I don't eat french fries". Not that I don't love them, but I can't eat fried food since I had my gall bladder out last week. :(

    I used to eat french fries and mayo all the time! Yum! I really dislike ketchup on potatoes, and don't understand why. I'm with Melania, I used to eat them with honey mustard and ranch dressing (but not at the same time). 

  • i voted yeah b/c i have and will, but i prefer ketchup and/or vinegar
  • Ranch...MmMmmmm...or ketchup.

    I try not to eat fried food at all...or mayo...since it's like 90% fat per ounce lol. BUT...the most tempting food is usually the worst for us. Le sigh. 

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  • Okay, so I only saw the number of replies based on the poll, not the actual responses... but I totally have to give a 'yuck' to mayo all-around.  I think the Benestieluxies learned about this...I'm anti-mayo.  FI even makes a point to mention it when he's eating it.  So nice.

    Uber bleagh! Give me curry ketchup or, really, ANYTHING else, lol ;)

  • I don't like anything else but mayo. I can't stand ketchup and honey mustard isn't found here.
  • I used to be a hellz no girl, but then I came here and tried it, and it's really not that bad!  My all-time favorite dip for my French fries, however, is McDonald's BBQ sauce that you get for the McNuggets.  OMG...amazing.
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  • Klingklang,

    If you go to a Subway restaurant in Germany, they have honey mustard and the last time I just asked to buy a couple sides of it. They thought it was funny so gave it to me for free. :) 


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  • My mom always ate mayo with her fries, so I have since childhood. In the last few years though I've been eating fries with dijon mustand, I love the spicy taste and also that there is no extra fat.
  • mustard was my usa-go-to dipping sauce. Not a fan of ketchup myself. Here, it's mayo. Mayo mayo mayo.

    A year ago I swore it was disgusting and no way in hell. Le sigh. How we all change, eh?

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