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*Mrs. B.Rad*

How's the house guests situation going? Are they finally out of the house?
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Re: *Mrs. B.Rad*

  • Yes! They are finally gone!

    Wednesday of last week, I sat down with her and her H at dinner and just said that we really couldn't have them stay any longer, that we needed out space and that, even though we really have enjoyed them, it was time to move on a find a new place to stay, perhaps their parents houses? So she said that of course they totally understood and would be out by Friday at the latest. 

    The next day I had enough of everyone's crap (DH included for not being a man about it and telling his friends to get out) and really was over everything. She came back to the house with a bunch of people at about 1am and I had to work the next morning at 6 am. They couldn't be quiet and it didn't sound like the party was ending soon, so that's when the fight started. I asked her to please either take her party elsewhere or her guests had to leave. She started whining and bitching about what a mean person I was and that they were just trying to have a little fun. So I flipped out. I told her that she had until 10 am the next day to get their stuff out of our home and find some where else to stay. That Friday wasn't soon enough and that I couldn't believe she was going to disrespect me and our home the way she had. She starts screaming and yelling and pushing things off the counter telling me that they have no other place to stay and that it isn't their fault that their bathroom doesn't work. Blah BLAH BLAH! I just repeated that they had until 10 am to get out or I would take their stuff out myself, walked away and went to bed.

    They were out before I left for work. 

    I've been MIA this week trying to enjoy our newly empty house!

  • I had to make sure I wasn't going to see you on America's Most Wanted. I'm so glad they are finally out of your house.
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  • Yeah, I was about to be on AMW, thank goodness they left. Just in time for me to start packing...
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