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cost of tuition for private school?

does anyone know the cost of tuition for either St Pat's in Elkhorn or St Vincent de Paul?  i'm trying to figure out if we should go public or private and how much we need to save if we decide the private route.

 with that being said, i'll take any and all info/advice on the subject.  we're really torn, please help!  we're in the Elkhorn public school district.  thanks!

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Re: cost of tuition for private school?

  • Generally in-parish tuition at Catholic schools around here seem to run between $1000 and $1800 a year depending on the parish.
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  • You can find St. Pat's tuition- last time I looked I want to say it was a bit over $2000 and when I called St. Vincent last and had the information sent to me it was around $2000 as well but it was a bit less expensive than St.Pat's- that was about 6 months ago.   We are members at St. Vincent's and have our DS on the prospective child list there.  Kindergarten is about 4 years off for us but we also live in Elkhorn school district and weren't sure which way we wanted to go as far as private or public so figured we would at least get him signed up on the prospective list.  I have heard wonderful things about both schools but we like at St. Vincent's church better and have quite a few friends and family whose kids will potentially go there which we liked-
  • Oops...meant to say you can find St. Pat's tuition online-
  • image HawkeyeBride04:
    Oops...meant to say you can find St. Pat's tuition online-

    Yep, it was listed there.

    St Wenc is:

     $1000/year for 3 Day Pre-school

    $800/year for 2 Day Pre-school

    1/2 Day Kindergarten...not 100% sure what it is this year, last year it was the only option for K and it was $1475 like $750 tuition and $625 fees...I know this year the fees are about 1/2 that for 1/2 day, tuition might be the same....

    $2200 for All day K - 8th Grade ($1575 tuition + $625 for fees..something like that...)

    Lunches are $2 - $3/day depending on age and before/after school care is $3/hour with a $7 max..

    This fall we will have a 1st grader and one in 3 day preschool. 

    It costs us less to send them both to school there then daycare a month, and what I pay for 1 month of tuition for both of them  is what I would have paid for just ONE kid to go to kids club before and after school at a public school a month...its insane what they charge for that!

    One of the best things for us is the start/end time at St Wenc.  They start at I can drop the boys off on my way to work..they won't have to go to daycare in the morning or to extended care (thats what its called there) before school.

    They get out at 3:25 & DH can have them picked up by 4:15. so only about $3/day/kid for extended care...$15/week/kid compared to like $70/week/kid in public school...


  • Also wanted to add that we pay per 12 tuition payments a year, school lunch you deposit as needed whenever you want and extended care is billed to you buy month.

    You have the option of paying your tuition monthly, quarterly, 2 payments or in full at once....not sure if that matters, but I like having those options...

  • Holy tuition!!!! I think I am way too used to Lincoln Diocese tuition :)

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  • Wow! They are all that high? St. Columbkille's is $1000/year for k-7 right now and 8 is a little higher I believe.
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  • Okay this post got me curious. Dh has always said if we have kids we would send them to st. pius/st leo because that is where he went (I'm a public school girl personally and I do live in district 66 and pay outrageous taxes to our schools so I'm not sold on private). Just checked the prices of sp/st and they seem way higher than the schools out west. What gives?  We live in the ghetto? Shouldn't our schools be cheaper? Indifferent
  • image October30:
    We live in the ghetto? Shouldn't our schools be cheaper? Indifferent

    LOL!  That's funny...

    I guess I was surprised to find out all the other schools were cheaper then ours...because I guess I was under the impression that a % of the money people give at church each week in the offering went to the the more $ the church takes in, the more $ they can give to the school??  Maybe I'm wrong...because that would possibly make sense for the school you looked at, if those two parishes are not getting enough to give to the school then = higher tuition, but I know that St W & St VdeP are two of the parishes with higher income families (with the exception of us...LOL!) and so in theory should be getting more money each week..

    My advice:  Look up what it costs to send your kid to a private high school here...and after you get done throwing up in your mouth, you'll feel a lot better about the grade school costs. Ain't gonna happen for us unless I win powerball..... LOL!

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