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Pics of my poor injured baby.

I just put up a post on my blog of my baby in her sling. Link in sig.

Re: Pics of my poor injured baby.

  • Oh my goodness the poor girl! Looks like she is handling it extremely well though. Hope it heals quickly.
  • Oh poor thing! I always feel awful for the little ones we see at our clinic (Orthopedic Sports Med). In any case, she appears to be handling it well! (as most of them do!) don't worry too much, it won't slow her down! Humerus fx's aren't something they can cast anyways depending on the severity & location of the fx (not that you want it casted...for many reasons!!).

    Kids are amazing when it comes to dealing w/this stuff, I've seen babies w/hip fx's who are casted in these totally awful casts that have to wrap around their waists, or full leg casts that go from toe to hip, yeah they don't slow them down at all! They're out crawlin around like its no big deal! Its harder for the parents then the kids!!!

    GL! Pour yourself some wine (wait, its only 9am! LOL) & give her some ice cream for being a good girl! :D

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • Aww, she looks like a real trooper! And, just like you. ;)

    BTW- I could have written your entry below re: general body image. Isn't it amazing how we gain such wisdom post children? I think as a strong, fit size 2 I had more body image issues than I do now, postpartum.

    How crazy is that???

  • Oh so sad. Poor little girl. I hope that she feels better soon.
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Poor baby!  I have to say it is very adorable though.  Hope she heals quickly!
  • oh no - i feel so bad for her - i did almost exactly the same thing 2 weeks ago (except it was a fall off the mt bike).  i hope she heals fast. 
  • Poor thing!  I hope she heals quickly.

    DD broke her collar bone yesterday from a fall out of a chair.  It's heartbreaking when they hurt like that. :(

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