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Friday randoms, confessions and vents


Re: Friday randoms, confessions and vents

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    I'm going to Wayne, NE tonight for a NASC Leadership reunion.  I'm so excited!  I haven't been to Wayne for Workshop in 10 years - it's about time I went back!

    You're kidding!  That is where I met my DH (of 5 years today!)!  Have a great great time!  Ahhh... memories!

    Very cool!  Are you married to a Will by chance?  If so, I went to high school with him!

    Why, yes I am!  Small world!  What is your maiden name?

    Hickman - Will and I were on student council together.  Tell him "hi" for me!  And happy anniversary!  :)

    He says hello back!  And by the way, your son is adorable! 

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    1. We closed on our land yesterday - its such a relief to have it! i am so proud of it. and, our realtor was super awesome during the whole thing, and gave us a $50 giftcard to a restaurant as a thank you - Jason James at Heartland Properties is the way to go. He'll be selling our house, thats for sure. Nice guy. Never pressured us once.

    He is a very nice guy. Lives not too far away from us. Did you ever see his wife? (I don't know why you would, but whatever!) In the summer they bleach their hair the same color. Funnest.thing.ever!

    In the past week I have put my house up for sale, gotten b!tched out by some d-bag w/ herpes for being a bad wife (how is that possible b/c my husb is always at work or school???), started Kohen in a new daycare and gotten my period. This is a combination of things I would not wish on anyone! I think I have cried everyday since Friday night b/c I've been so stressed out! I need a drink and a cig and I don't even smoke!!!

    Ha! This makes me laugh - I have seen his wife before. They live in bent tree, right? I am not too far from you then, I live by fareway grocery store.

     Yah, he is really nice. His brother Justin (who is the fire marshall now) used to be my driver on the ambulance on the fd - he's a riot! Our whole family has bought/sold from him. Nice dude - he moves quite a bit of real estate - I think he's in the top 3% of realtors in the state of iowa.

  • My elbow hurts like hell... I need to figure out what I did wrong to make it start hurting again. It hasn't hurt since school got out and I am worried that it will effect our TTC and my sanity. 

    My husband wants me to go to get a massage even though it is full price tomorrow (they are running a summer special). I tried to tell him I was going to wait until Monday or Wednesday and he basically told me to suck up the extra 20 bucks and get to the spa.

    My dog just got fixed this week and he is back to "normal" and I am afraid he is going to split his incision. 


  • *I'm scared sh!tless to be pregnant----cant describe it.

    *I think my bombed my interview yesterday, nerves got the best of me, but still have my fingers crossed because I need OUT from where I"m currently at

    *My husband got a new computer game on Tuesday (Starcraft) and its been a quit/boring last 3 days.

    *I'm trying to eat better and drink way more water since I"m pregnant, we went to Super Target last night to get groceries and I think that was BAD :) We walked about 200 hundred dollars later with TONS of stuff. Oh well, it will be put to use! 

    *I bought the "week by week" pregnancy book and I'm hiding it from my DH as he keeps sayin "Dont get too excited yet, as you know what happened last time"....POO ON YOU!

  • I went to clean my glasses yesterday and the frame snapped in half. Our local jeweler was able to solder them back together but I think they look crooked and part of the color is messed up so I'll only wear them at home. Hopefully my new frames arrive soon. The suck part is that my contacts don't work well for staring at a computer screen all day so I'm having to constantly do something else to let my eyes refocus.

    I've started applying for new jobs like crazy today. I'm trying to be very proactive to either keep my current job or be prepared to move on very quickly. It really pisses me off that I might be let go because of the employees here, I've been here the longest and know more about the town and organization that anyone else.

    We're having Joey's 6 month photos taken by Jennie tomorrow afternoon and I'm ridiculously excited!


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  • I'm doing everything I can think of to try to talk my fiancee into taking me to Famous Dave's tonight.. I even offered to do something I haven't done since being pregnant every night this week.. (Sorry, TMI) I don't care what I have to do.. This baby wants some Famous Dave's.

    I feel like I'm ready to have this baby..but I still have a long way to go. I have her travel system put together, her crib put together. Her swing should be here sometime soon. All of her clothes are washed and put away in her dresser. I just feel ready, but I think it's just for a selfish reason.

    We're supposed to drive to Lexington tomorrow to see fiancee's brother, and I don't think I want to go. I have to pee so much, so I figure we will be stopping too much, and I don't want to ride in a cramped truck with fiancee, his mom, and our neice and nephew. But don't know how to say no to going.

    I feel so bad for everyone who works outside.. my fiancee included.. I was outside long enough to walk the dogs and felt like I was going to melt.


    ~While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about.~

    SAHM to my cutie-Lilah Jo who was born via c-section on October 26,2010 at 38 weeks.

    <a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie Second Birthday tickers" /></a>

    BFP 11/29/11--EDD 08/09/12! So excited for baby #2!!

  • image melgul001:

    *My husband got a new computer game on Tuesday (Starcraft) and its been a quit/boring last 3 days.

    Ditto! My husband has been stuck to the computer for the past three days. However, he has been a little better after he finished storyline mode of Starcraft. 


  • *i went for a walk/run today, and it felt amazing.

    *Mamarazzi is taking pics of the boys tomorrow, and I'm terrified they will be wide awake like they are right now.

    *I need a nap, but I'm waiting for dh to get home for lunch so I can talk to a grow-up.  These babies don't talk back.

    7.9.10<img src=""HEIGHT ="200">

    [url=""] My blog[/url]
  • * 30 minutes until quittin' time!

    * I have the entire week off next week...going to see my Dad in CT with the entire fam

    * I'm so glad Tyler got over his ear infection b/c I would have felt like the worst mom in the world making him get on a plane

    * why do random things keep breaking - computers, phones, CATS.  Stop making me give up more money for things that should just keep on working!

    thanks to jennied :)

  • Here's my random vent on FB status:  Dear Smokers of the world: Is it *really* that difficult to dispose of your cigarette butt properly?? I mean if you want to put that trash in your mouth fine but don't put it on my earth. pleaseandthanks

     It really annoys me when people throw their nasty asss cig butts on the ground or fling them out at me from their car window.

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