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garage sale WTF

If it says 8am don't come at 7:30 and b*tch because we aren't ready yet!

Re: garage sale WTF

  • hahahaha

    was that on CL???

    people are nuts

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  • that's awesome, lol, I wanted to say that to quite a few people who came to our garage sale early
  • I'm not sh*tting you people were RUNNING to my sale at 7:30.  5 people stoped about the same time (all at 7:30) as I'm dragging my stuff out and I said I'm not ready yet, oh can we just look...knock yourself out but I don't have everything out.

    2 second later...

    "Umm is it all outside or do you have stuff in the garage"

    HELLO, I just said I'm still putting sh*t out!

    then DH overheard...this sale has nothing...we better check out someplace else.

    WTF It's 7:30!  It might have even been 7:20.  At 7 I realized I never went to bank to get change so I got into the car and raced to speedway and when I got there I had forgotten my wallet..smooth move!

    So DH set out tables with me then he ran to bank but I wasn't home 2 seconds after getting in the house and people were in my yard!


  • I always set up at LEAST 30 minutes earlier than when I say it opens.  Serious garage salers are effing nuts.


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  • LOL, garage salers are CRAZY! when I have mine, I am not being nice about early sales. I hate the fact that people have no respect. Do they go to a business 30 minutes early and expect them to open just for them? Well they might, but still.

    I made a time for a reason, you want to be rude and come early, I will be rude right back and you can sit outside my fence and wait till the posted time.

  • this is partly why I don't like garage sales, people are crazy. Heaven help me if I ever have one, b/c I will not be nice!
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  • I feel this way at work every day. We open late for a bank and while I understand that is weird to people, we have opened at the same time for almost 3 months now yet people still show up and yell at me or stare while I do morning prep work.
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