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Note: This only affects The Nest's community members and will not affect members on The Bump or The Knot. was one of those days!

1.  Joint checking account, where no paychecks are deposited (my paycheck went to my own account for the first time today, so I had to keep the joint open to make sure it went to the right place), was overdrafted because he paid yet another bill out of the joint account instead of his.  I'm accepting this as a mistake but it is still annoying as fluck.  I had to call and tell him to transfer the money back to the account (because the money that was in there was mine...just left a little in as a buffer).  Grrrrrrrr.

2.  Work, frustrating as usual...but especially frustrating to be told by a director of a department that I DO NOT report to that I WILL be traveling 4 hours round trip to move a PC from one desk to the one directly next to it.  I refused.  She emailed my boss.  Thankfully, he agreed...but my blood pressure still shot up a ton.

3.  Four years after giving birth to my babies, I still feel guilt from my inability to breastfeed.  Someone made a comment to me about it today, and sent me into nearly instant tears.  I'm sure the stress isn't helping, but I just can't believe people would be so ignorant as to say to someone, "Oh, you know they would have been smarter if you breastfed".  F*ck you.  I didn't have a CHOICE.  Thank you for pointing out my failure.  I needed another reminder.

4.  Leave work...ahhhhhhh.  Go grocery shopping.  Purchased four, yes FOUR, bottles of wine.  Mmmmm.  Get home and open the fridge to put one in and the two Shrek glasses that were placed on top of the fridge until they could be returned to McDonalds fell off, exploding into about 3 billion pieces.  Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

5.  Eat dinner, and think "Oh crap, I have to be out of the office on a site visit tomorrow...better update my out of office response."  This requires that I open my email, sadly.  See an email from HR.  I've reached the max of what they will pay for my schooling.  This is a new rule.  Now, I have to somehow figure out how to pay for the last year of my education.  I've wanted this so so so bad.  Having to come up with $10,000 when I'm going through a divorce isn't exactly what I wanted to do right now.  I'm going to crunch some numbers and most likely will have to bite the bullet and ask my parents to float me a loan.  They'll do it, and not even bat an eyelash, but damnit!  It was the last thing I needed today!

Anyone else?

Re: was one of those days!

  • That sucks. Esp #1.

    Mine aren't bad...

    -I think Alissa has roseola. She came home from Kids Club yesterday w/ a fever of 103.8*, but by evening she was fine. And she woke up this morning happy as can be, and was fine at KC all day. But tonight, I noticed little pink flat bumps on her cheeks, arms and butt. 

    -My 2 coworkers that have been in England for a month return on Mon. I am NOT excited. It's been so nice not having their annoying asses around. Even having to pick up the slack for them and the construction/moving going on, it's been nice. Plus, the 2 bosses will be gone all next week, so there will be no one to tell them to shut the eff up. I think I am going to do it.

    -I go to the dr on Tues for my monthly med disbursement. I think we need to up the dose. But....if we up the dose on one of them, I can't sleep. I was on a higher dose at first, but she lowered me because of not sleeping. I think she might be anti sleep-med. As it is, I don't sleep now....

    -Alissa is going to be in FIRST GRADE in like 2 weeks. FIRST GRADE! Did you hear that, people? Cause that's just plain nuts.

    -My mom is crazy. She needs a job.

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    Alissa Jean

  • I read an email between my boss and our current president (don't ask) and it basically sounds like I may be getting the boot soon due to a budget shortfall. There's only 3 of us in the office and I make more than my coworker and my salary would pretty much eliminate the shortfall.
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  • I spent all damn day trying to dub a 2 hour meeting from minidv to dvd. And I had to restart it 3 times. And it still didn't work. Thankfully we had the webinar version to give the bar association but I wanted to crack heads together. I almost missed my dang massage. Thank God I had a massage tonight. I'm feeling sooooo much better now.
  • image Jolene84:
    I read an email between my boss and our current president (don't ask) and it basically sounds like I may be getting the boot soon due to a budget shortfall. There's only 3 of us in the office and I make more than my coworker and my salary would pretty much eliminate the shortfall.


    I hope not.

  • njh514njh514 member
    urgh. I'm sorry.
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  • I need more context around the "your kids aren't smart" comment.  I know some BF'd kids and they are no smarter than FF kids!  That's ridiculous and horrible for someone to say. 
  • That IS a lot of sh!tty stuff in one day! I hope the weekend is better. And remember as long as you have your fam, health, and a roof over your head, you are still in the bonus. Keep your chin up chicky!!!!!
  • They say when it rains it pours!! Sad Sorry you are going through all that...but on the flipside it can only get better? RIGHT?!!
  • omg, that is one crappyass day - I'm sorry Jeana
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