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Went to NHS today... (updated !!)

and adopted a handsome black kitty. His name is Jinx. Not sure if we'll keep it mainly because I don't think a black cat should have a superstitious name. His owner hot him at NHS then surrendered him back to NHS because "he kept escaping." Umm.... ok. He's a total lover. I'm going to try to get some pics of him soon but for now I"m trying to get him to settle in. Here's to hoping he and Ginger get along well. It will be a long time before they meet face to face, but still.


Just so you know, THEY REALLY ARE FREE!!! There were tons of people there which made me very happy. There are some super sweet cats there. We met Blu and loved him but he wasn't loving Owen. I really wanted him to work but I can't bring a kitty home who is nervous around Owen. Not fair to the kitty. So someone, please, go adopt Blu. 

I can't find any info on Jinx. I don't remember seeing him on the website but he's been there for a while. We figured out what personality would fit us best then I said bring me a kitty that would be hard to adopt for whatever reason and they brought me Jinx. We fell in love. (mainly him with me - of course!)

I'm just giddy excited but trying to be chill to let him get acclimated. So hard. :-)


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Re: Went to NHS today... (updated !!)

  • Awesome! How exciting! I'm also glad to hear the NHS is full of people - I hope all of the cats get adopted.

    I love my black kitty so much.  I didn't realize until last Halloween that black cats are the hardest to find homes for, b/c so many people are so superstitious.  Breaks my heart.

    Yeah for your family!!  GL with the kitty introductions. :)

  • YAY!  I am so glad to hear there were tons of people there!  And yay that you have a new kitty!  Can't wait to see a picture of him!

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  • I LOOOOVED my black NHS kitty, Jag.  He was the coolest! 

    And I absolutely love Lucy and Linus, who aren't NHS cats but are black and are VERY cool cats. :)

    I'm so glad you did this Nancy! :)

  • Yay!  This makes me happy :) Hope you all enjoy your new family member!
  • Yay for helping out one of the kitties and yay for another rescue for you!
  • Aw, congrats!
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  • How wonderful!  I got my two cats from NHS and love them!
  • That warms my heart!  We have a cat and two giant dogs and we just can't add to our menagerie, otherwise I would in a heartbeat!  I'm glad Jinx has found a forever home with you guys.
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  • I really wanted to get one, I'm pretty bummed that we can't fit anymore in our apartment (we already have 3 in our one bedroom apartment).  I'm very happy to hear that there were a bunch of people there, I hope that they all get adopted!  Congrats about the new kitty-we have a black kitty that we love to pieces, he's a sweetheart!
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  • njh514njh514 member

    We decided his name will be Jack. Close to Jinx but not with the superstitious background.

    And when I told my friend I think I wanted to name him Jack she said, "oh cute! As in Black Jack!" That'll work! 

    He's so chill. He's exploring the house for a bit. Our room gets pretty hot so I wanted him to come out and he's in kitty heaven. He even went and used his litter box and ate/drank! He acts like this is nothing out of the ordinary. He'll explore a bit then just plop down and lay there for a bit, then come lay with us, then go explore. If this is his everyday personality I'm pretty sure we hit jackpot! We love him! Holy cow. Now if only my camera battery would charge a bit faster I'd show you some pictures. He's a beauty! 

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  • Oh yay!This post made my night! :)



    Enzo, Nikolai and I completely approve. And Cratesy would too.


    Can't wait to see pics! 


  • Jag's name from the NHS was Jack, but we changed it to Jag.  That's too funny!

    I think Jack is an EXCELLENT name! :)

  • Awww, this warms my heart!  I so wish I could go pick up another kitty, but I'm struggling with vet bills for the 2 I already have.   Mine are from NHS and one is named Jinx (the other Jasper, I adopted sisters) :)   But I picked the name.   Love Black Jack!!

    thanks to jennied :)

  • Hurray for new kitties!  I'm totally jealous!  I really want a kitty, but we live in a condo, so it probably wouldn't work.  I use to volunteer at NHS, and I wish I had time to do that again.  Apparently black dogs are really hard to get people to adopt too. It's sad to see how long some of those animals have been there. 

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