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the neverending saga...

Our Cali transition is still in progress. The landlords are doing all kinds of renovation work (new bathroom, laundry room, refinished hardwood floors, paint colors of our choice, etc- YAY!) so we can't move our stuff in this weekend. BOOOOO. Not sure how much more of this cross-bay commute I can stomach. It also doesn't help that I LOATHE the bank job, and the training has become even more painful because they separated us into two groups and I was taken away from the few girls I actually enjoy being around. LAME. Trying to keep my head up and maintain sanity somehow. But, at least we should be in the new place and have internet access by Sunday the 8th. Can't wait to be a regular again!!! 

Miss ya bunches!


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Re: the neverending saga...

  • Keep your head up, Kel!! You'll be in the new apartment before you know it, and it will be worth the wait since you'll have all those renovations done.  Sorry to hear about the bank job, that stinks Sad
  • Enjoy the awful cross bay commute.  Relish in it.  It'll only make moving into the new place more exciting when it happens!!!

    Hang in there!

  • Hang in there!  Every Bay Area resident has to endure a horrible commute at least once so at least you're getting that checked off your list.  Wink
  • Commuting here is part of the fun! We have shootings, car-B-Ques, all kinds of excitement!
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