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Thanks to your crafty photoshopping of my LR, I FINALLY ordered curtains! A few weeks ago I took my yellow throw pillow to the mall. It matched up pretty closely with these curtains in the golden honey color: 


So I bought 6 panels all for $76!! I'm having them shipped to the store and they should be there tomorrow. I'll snap a pic when I get them hung.

Thanks again!  

image image
Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12

Re: **megs**

  • OOOH i like! I'm glad I was able to help. I definitely want to see pics!!

    We are actually looking at a sorta similar color for roman shades for our bedroom. We were originally wanted to go gray, but are realizing now that so much gray would be pretty drab (we have gray walls and gray duvet), so we are going to pick up on some of the art in the room with the golden yellow in it. It seems like JCP is the only department store around with a decent selection of curtains, but I haven't bought yet bc I am paranoid that I am not measuring the window correctly! I'm thinking I should do it soon because all the window stuff is on sale!

    We're looking at this shade in GoldDust:



    Baby #1 EDD 11/13/13
  • I like them! I wish I could do Roman shades but we have the funkiest, irregular sized windows eva. 

    I'll definitely post some pics when I get the curtains. Because I'll also want to show off the new tv stand and flatscreen! We bought the tv Sunday, and the stand should be arriving in the mail today!!  

    image image
    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • Butting in. Megs, I just bought those exact shades from JC Penney in white and put them in our office. This isn't the best photo, but they are really nice.


  • Continuing to butt in:

    Keb--that pillow looks just like this chair:


    Product Image Avington Slipper Chair - Whimsical

    Did you get it from Target?

  • keb, I really like them! Did you do an inside mount? I want mine to look the way you did it. I am just terrified of measuring incorrectly.

    Baby #1 EDD 11/13/13
  • Steph-The pillows came with the couch (though I picked them out) which is from a local furniture store but match that chair perfect! I might even buy it now! Thanks for the find!

    Meg-we did the outside mount. We just measured the width of the window including the molding and it was really close to the 31 so that is what we went with. There is a tiny bit of molding showing on each side, but we matched that with the top and I like the way it looks. I'll see if I can find another shot of the room to show you better.

  • image keb270:

    Steph-The pillows came with the couch (though I picked them out) which is from a local furniture store but match that chair perfect! I might even buy it now! Thanks for the find!

    That chair's been on my wish list for while.  When I was at a furniture store this weekend, I saw a couch with the fabric pillow paired with it.  I was surprised it was the same pattern, and even more surprised that you have the couch! 

  • Does this show the mounting better?

    And yes Mamie, that is a picture of Joe Paterno hanging in our house if you wondering =)


  • keb, my H would not step foot in your house. He HATE JoePa. HATES. 
    image image
    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • image mamie329:
    keb, my H would not step foot in your house. He HATE JoePa. HATES. 

    That's funny. I figured you would at least know who the creepy old man was on the wall!

  • Keb I can't believe you have a picture of JoePa hanging in your LR.
  • It's actually our office. It's a total Penn State room though with our diplomas, bobble heads, and massive Beaver Stadium photo. What can I say, we are obsessed with the palce!

  • thanks for the pics keb! 

    Baby #1 EDD 11/13/13
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