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Gas Poll

OMG...the range of gas prices today was outrageous!  I saw $3.83 at the Admiral by MSU and $4.29 at the BP in Okemos.

1) Did you get gas today?

2) If so, where did you get it?

3) How much per gallon?

4) How long did you have to wait?


Hope things get better soon after the hurricanes go away!

Re: Gas Poll

  • 1) Yes, unfortunately I was nearly out and didn't have sense to get it last week when it was $3.36.

    2) Shell on the corner of Hagadorn and Grand River.

    3) $3.89

    4) About 10 minutes

  • Luckily, I gassed up a few days ago for 3.69
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  • 1. Yes, I got it today.

    2. I got it in the town in which I live ;o)

    3. I paid.... $3.79 I think.

    4. I didn't have to wait at all. It was 7:30 am!

    PS: I'm laughing at all of the crazies that are like "GAS IS $6 A GALLON! GO GET IT NOW!" There were so many of these crazy stories that the NEWS did a story on it and couldn't find gas that high ANYWHERE. Gas is not going to $6/gallon... I think they predicted $4.19.

    We got a call from a friend that was like "Gas in Battle Creek is $6.15 a gallon!" We drove through Battle Creek to get to Kalamazoo tonight... gas was $3.99 at multiple stations. All these stories were friends of a friend saw it.. LOL. People are such freaker-outers!

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  • 1) Did you get gas today? Yes, we are driving to grand rapids today

    2) If so, where did you get it? shell on west saginaw

    3) How much per gallon? 3.95

    4) How long did you have to wait? 10 minutes


  • They did show on the news yesterday where a station in Lansing by 495 and Pennsyvania was showing unleaded at $6.45  The news station showed up and they changed it to $4.45 and told them it was an error and had they went to the pump it would have said 4.45.  But neighbors said the "error" was up for over 30 minutes and changed right before the news station showed up.


    Stupid gas gougers!


    Also, its funny, in Okemos, 2 of the gas stations right on the corner of Okemos and Jolly are at 4.29, and the 3rd is at 3.93.  hmmm.........

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