June 2009 Weddings
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XP: Fashion Help Please!

Hi girls! I need some opinions please. I am going to Israel on Friday for one of my best friend's wedding. They are not having attendants, so I will be a guest. It is on the Mediterranean, but will be very hot. I was going to wear a black and white dress that I already have, but my boss is loaning me a pair of fabulous silver sparkly Jimmy Choo heels. Now I want to wear those and am trying to decide what dress to go with. J. Crew is having 30% off final sale today, so I found a few options. I am a size 8-10 and blonde if that makes a difference. The 1st and 3rd dress come in a variety of colors. What do you think?? In general, what colors/styles work well with attention-getting silver shoes? If you hate them all, tell me that too!





Re: XP: Fashion Help Please!

  • do you have a pic of the heels??

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  • I really like option 1.  I think option 3 would work too but I don't think that color plus the silver would work well.
  • Hey gal-

    I think all the dresses are super cute (especially the 1st and 3rd one)-- but here is my question... am I wrong to assume your friend is Jewish? You may have to be careful with the strapless dress thing during the ceremony. If the wedding is traditional, women are usually expected to cover their shoulders.

    As for colors, I love the bright blue with silver-- especially since you're going to be on the Meditteranean!

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  • I like one and three.
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  • I like dress 3, in that color. I don't like the bow of dress 1, I don't think the floral would go with the shoes (but if I'm wrong, then I do like that one) and I don't think the blue one is as formal as the others.
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  • 1 and 3 are my favs, but I prefer the color of 1 to 3 with silver.

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  • I really like dress #1. I think it's a great color and would look really nice with silver shoes, but I'm wondering if it's a more conservative wedding too. If it is then dress #4 would be the best choice
  • How exciting!

    I like Option 3 the best. I also like 1, but I can see 3 being more versatile. Silver, gold and bronze heels all function as neutrals, so you really can't go wrong!

    Try to take some pics for us! My friend was just there and it's absolutely spectacular! 

  • Thank you girls!!

    Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the shoes- they are BRIGHT sparkly silver though. I did specifically ask my friend about dress code, and she said there are no dress requirements (she is reform not orthodox if that makes any difference?) but I will definitely bring a wrap or shawl just in case!

    I am leaning towards #1 in that color and will try to post pics when I can!

  • I really like #1 and think it would look great with sparkly silver shoes. And wow your boss is awesome for loaning you shoes!
  • I surprised myself by liking 1 best.  I usually don't go for styles that trendy, but it looks like a lot of fun and I love the color (I thought about 3, if you changed to the color of 1, but no, I still like 1 best).  Please don't wear 4.  It looks like a sad sack to me.
  • I like the color of #1 and the style of #3. I agree with Lark about #4 seeming a little sad/sack-like.
  • Love them all, but especially #1!
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