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Happy Monday

I feel like I need one of these threads this morning. 

How was everyone's weekend?  Did you have a good time?  Any plans for the week?


Re: Happy Monday

  • You need one of these.. .I need one of these -----> Coffee

     Happy Monday! 

  • I had a pretty busy weekend.

    Friday night: Speedway at the Fair!  Fun stuff.  Hung out with a friend for prolly the last time. He's moving back east. H and I are bummed. 

    Saturday: Worked. Then, went to the Obon Festival in Anaheim.  First time I've been to one of those.  Very interesting and fun.

    Sunday: Got to hang out with my niece but not so much with my nephew.  They just came back from a month long trip to see their other grandparents out of state. I missed them big time.  H cooked his awesome sauce for a little dinner part with BIL, SIL and their friends. 

    I don't have much planned for this week.  But I'm off at 1 or 1:30 today.  I'm not too pleased with that, but I'm not going to vent about that here.  Anyhoo, I'm hoping I'll get to hang out with my cousin and her baby this week.  That's about it. 

  • image Yahpee:

    You need one of these.. .I need one of these -----> Coffee

     Happy Monday! 

    I'm missing out on one of those today.  Didn't have enough time to stop by Starbucks (gift card).  And I'm def not drinking the stuff we have here at work.  The water is brown with out the coffee.  No thanks.

  • Well, I was in vegas this weekend. I had fun for the most part but it was just drama the rest of the time. My Vegas weekend ended with my sister's friend's friend (scumbag drunk dude) passing out in our room while my sister and her friend went MIA. I didn't feel comfortable with some random guy in my room, so I left and got on an earlier flight home.

    It was a big lesson learned for me this weekend...don't vacation with irresponsible, immature people.

    But once I got home, I went to breakfast with my brother. Then went home to sleep for a few hours since I hadn't slept in the previous 24 hours. Then picked up my daughter and had a quiet evening.

    Nothing but work this week. Hoping to go see a band play this weekend. 

  • Wow, cort glad it all worked out in the end! 

    My weekend wasnt anything special, just some cleaning and organizing in prep for my houseguestsc( IL's) that arrive next Monday. So this week will be trying to get the house in order...except for today, we are driving out to my dad's house to go swimming with my step mom and sister. I need a fun day! 

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  • we watched inception on friday - cah-ray-zee movie!  MH loved it, I thought it was good but not OMG-best-movie-ever good.  went to the lake on sat, it was nice to be able to cool off.

    I'm going back to kentucky this week for a few days.  should be pretty easy, just hope my flights aren't delayed/canceled like my last trip. :/ 

    merry everything!
  • My weekend was good but not long enough.

    Friday: Caught up on the DVR and had dinner at home

    Saturday: Worked out in the AM and went to Havens Gastropub in the evening. Lots of drinking and lots of food. 

    Sunday: Planned to go see inception in the am but got lazy and stayed home. Instead ran errands with H and had greek food for lunch.

    No plans for the week but H and I plan to hit up the OC fair next weekend. 

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  • Happy Monday to everyone!
  • Dude Cort what a fricken bummer! You are due for fun and to relax not drama!


  • image ssinca:

     I thought it was good but not OMG-best-movie-ever good.  went to the lake on sat, it was nice to be able to cool off.


    I've heard nothing but raves about this movie - I was getting concerned it was one of those Avatar fever moments. 

     I thought Avatar was aaaiggghhhttt but everyone was making such a huge deal! 


  • We had a pretty quiet weekend until we came home on Saturday night to R's rear windshield being smashed in (nothing was stolen, no object found inside). All of our neighbors were over trying to figure out what happened... while it was kind of sweet, it didn't change the fact we're paying out-of-pocket for a new window.

    We have no major plans this week other than working around the house and doing yard work in the evenings when it's cooler. Next week my mom flies out here for two days and then I go back to CO for five.

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