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If you could choose any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

Long story short, DH and I have won 2 tickets to any sporting events in the world, four times a year, for the next 4 years, ending at the World Cup in Rio in 2014. Obviously, we will definitely go to London in 2012, but I'm sure there are many sporting events all over the world we have no idea about. We've considered a golf tournament in Scotland, sumo wrestling in Japan, surfing competitions in Australia... you get the idea. Of course, Super Bowls and Nat'l Championships would be nice, but we'd prefer to travel out of the USA.


Re: If you could choose any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

  • Well, i've done one of the things i've always wanted to go to, even if it's in the USA: MLB All-Star game

    I would love to go to a Wimbeldon match in London one year, DH would love to go too.

    Congrats on winning tickets, how did that happen?

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  • I am also curious on the details.

    Are you looking for hard to get tickets or just a good event? I think the NCAA Final Four is a great event but I would not really classify tickets as hard to get. I would consider Duke v Carolina at Duke a hard to get ticket.

    Soccer will give you lots of options for traveling outside the country. I have been to some of the events I listed under the soccer category and I enjoyed all of the ones I attended.

    Events I would want to go to include:

    College Basketball - Duke v Carolina in Cameron, NCAA Final Four

    College Football - National Championship game

    NFL - Super Bowl

    Soccer - World Cup, Confederations Cup, World Cup Qualifiers, English Premier League game/final, Champions League game/final,  Euro 2012, Women's World Cup

    DH would want to go the NBA Finals, the Tour de France (although you do not need tickets for a lot of that), a major golf tournament. 

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  • My top two would be a Duke game in Cameron Indoor Stadium and going to Wimbledon.
    My sweet boy
  • Thank you for the input, everyone. We've been doing research, but there are just SO many possibilities!

    It is a long story, so I've started a blog about it, and if you are interested you can read all about it at Missus Mac's Blog

  • Oh my gosh. That sounds awesome. I'm going to read your blog after I post this: Anyway, I love the Olympics in London. I would also do the Winter Olympics (2014) in Russia, if possible. I actually prefer the Winter sports to the summer ones!

    Other than that, Wimbledon would be awesome. I'm also partial to the British Open in golf. DH and I attended one in 2004, and it was a blast to be in Scotland during the Open Championship! But we are big golf fans, so that's part of it ...

  • Just read your blog. What a great story! I am insanely jealous Big Smile


    Have fun making the choices! 


  • What a neat story!  Congratulations!  I like that you are selecting international locations for your trips.  It is not every day you get to go to something like that.  I would definitely look into the Olympics, and major tournaments abroad for your favorite sports or places you have always wanted to visit.
  • MrsCFBMrsCFB member
    Ninth Anniversary 2500 Comments Combo Breaker

    definitely wimbledon!

    i just read your blog...congratulations!  how exciting :)

  • That is awesome, thanks for sharing.
    My sweet boy
  • This is the coolest story ever!!
  • I just read the blog entry.

    200 hours?  Did DH go to work at all?  How did he know he could win?  What a cool story.

  • Center court at the Wimbledon final.  Those tickets run well over a thousand pounds a piece and are probably the one ticket I would kill to get but don't want to spend the money for. 

    Is is tickets to 4 entire events or just tickets to 4 separate events?  If the later is the case you might want to look into the European Football Championship as kind of a warm-up for the next World-Cup.  It's in 2012 in France. 

    The British Open will next be in Scotland in 2013 when they play at Muirfeld. 

    ETA- That is an awesome prize.  So jealous. 

  • When does this start?  I've always wanted to go to the Commonwealth Games.  But they're this October in Delhi, India.  I think the next ones will be after the next World Cup.

    ETA: Sorry, I keep thinking of sporting events that I want to go to:

    Le Mans--it's a 24 hour long auto race in France.  They change drivers every few hours, but the cars and the race go on for a full 24 hours. 

    The Grand National (this is probably a hold-over from loving National Velvet as a kid) 

    Also--I think that there is a pro-surfing event in Tahiti. 

    How do you feel about Rugby?  It's kind of my life's goal to see the All Blacks (NZ national team) play.  Here is their schedule:  It looks like they have some pretty good teams coming down to NZ to play them in the not too distant future.  Of course, you could also go to South Africa to watch the Springboks play at home as well.

  • I know you said no US events, but what about the Iditarod? 
  • Echoing the Olympics and suggesting World Cup skiing, Wimbeldon and love the Idaterod idea (how about IronMan in Hawaii?).
  • brideofaussie: DH works from home, self-employed, as a real estate investor, so he could afford the time to play. He said he knew he could win because he figured out how many points each game gave you, and he could see the scores of the top three people, so he just calculated how many hours it would take him to catch up to the top ten even with them keeping their pace... and he got to work. There is still a huge spreadsheet on his computer from when he was playing the game that tracks his progress compared to the top ten, I think by hour, that he kept up with the entire time he played except for the last two days when he was far enough ahead we could leave town for a previously planned family vacation.


    Publius: The trips start Jan 1 of 2011, and the prize is two tickets to four sporting events each year, the value of the pair of tickets not exceeding $2500. The Commonwealth games would be out, then, since they are in October.If we could find a tournament that the two of us could attend the whole of for less that $2500, we could stay for the duration of the event. At the London Olympics, for example, we could spend a day watching track and field, or see Michael Phelps swim a race. We haven't been able to find prices for the Olympics, though, so we'll have to look at all of that to see. I definitely think we'll make it to a British Open, preferably in Scotland, and I would love to attend the Grand National (I was a National Velvet girl, too). We honeymooned in Tahiti, but I'm certainly not opposed to going back! I think I recall hearing somewhere that they have kitesurfing championships there, but don't quote me on that. DH and I have already pretty much nailed down the Rugby World Cup in NZ as something we absolutely want to attend next year, as well as something in Australia. Not sure what, I guess it depends on what we find to be the best location fit for us.. lots of sun and sand, I hope!

    BunMom90: I would love to go to the Iditarod, however my DH is not a fan of cold weather, so it may take quite a bit of persuasion. I have been to Alaska before, but he has not, and so I am always gushing about how beautiful it is and how it is one place everyone should visit before they die. However, I was there in the summer, and winter there is a whole other ball game! I didn't think about the Iron Man championship in Hawaii, thanks for reminding me! I had thought of the Aloha bowl, though!

  • I'm a little late here but just have to say wow, what a story! That is so unbelievable. Enjoy your trips!


  • I'm not sure how tickets would work for something like this but it would get you to a Caribbean location... 

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