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Gross dog hair question

Do you ever wonder how much hair you must ingest in the summer?  I know, totally gross!  I don't have AC, so in the summer we have the 2 dogs shedding like crazy and the swamp cooler and fans running and I can see it swirling in the air!!!  No matter how much I sweep, there's just dog hair everywhere.  Dis-gus-ting!

Re: Gross dog hair question

  • Between the dog and the cat, I prefer not to think about it. :)
  • Do you have a Furminator?  Helps so much.
  • image WineCat:
    Do you have a Furminator?  Helps so much.

    I do, but it went over about as well as the Pedi-Paws (so, not well) - I have a rubber kong brush that works really well and I brush them in the back yard, but still - it's hair-central around here.  

  • We have an attic fan that causes a bit of a wind tunnel in our hallway....the dog hair creates little tornadoes up there.  Ew!  I swear I clean (well, I pay someone to.)
  • OMG I was thinking this exact thing earlier when I was cleaning.  I think I vacuumed up 10 trashbags of husky fur.
  • image sam&val:
    Between the dog and the cat, I prefer not to think about it. :)

    This multiplied by 2.  Actually, maybe not, since Dexter doesn't shed.  But between Kira and the 3 cats, not to mention all the hair that comes from my own head.....ewww!

  • We have two dogs and I refer to the clumps of blowing dog hair as "tumblefurs."  My favorite is when I put this vaseline-based lotion on my face at night then turn the fan on.  All the dog hair blows around and gets stuck on my face because our dogs sleep in our bed (or half lay on my head).  It's my own verison of being tarred and feathered and it's kind of gross.  We do have a Furminator but I know I don't use it as much as I should.

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  • I think about this on a daily basis. The other day I vacuumed and emptied the dyson 3 times for just one room. We live in a 1100 sq ft place... my living room is not that big! It was disgusting :P At least my husky is done blowing his coat, though.  
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