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DH is theorizing, since he refuses to read the books..

*possible spoilers if you haven't read the books*



We just got out of the Eclipse showing, and DH immediately starts theorizing as to what will happen next. He did the same thing with Half-Blood Prince, I think it's really cute. Some of his guesses are spot on, some not so much, but he's making a word document right now to record all of his theories so he can pull it up after seeing Breaking Dawn to see if he was right. 

Here are some of his guesses:

-Bella kills Jacob after being changed

-Jacob kills Bella to save her from being bitten, then Edward kills Jacob before destroying himself

-Jacob has sex with Bella so she can have a kid, then somehow it turns into a wolf-vampire child??

- The Volturi murder Bella when they come back (he's sure the Volturi are the next big fight)

-Bella changes and kills "that crazy bish" (Jane)

 ...and a few other ones, but mainly DH is positive that Bella will never become a vampire. *sniggers*

It's so hard to keep my mouth shut, but I think it's fun listening to him muse over Bella's future.  When we went to the snack counter before the movie, they were offering Bella, Jacob, or Edward souvenir cups and the guy asked me which I wanted, and I actually had a hard time deciding before I settled on Edward (Jacob is too young for me hehe). Then the guy asked DH which he wanted and the way he quickly replied, "Bella! That's easy!" made me giggle. Although he did call Bella a little slut for kissing Jacob :S

Re: DH is theorizing, since he refuses to read the books..

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