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Random health question

What would cause your fingers to swell? For about a week I have had to wear my wedding rings on a neclace because they will not fit my finger . I thought it may be the heat but it has been fairly chilly here.

Re: Random health question

  • Humidity. 

    Also, sweating a lot--my fingers turn to sausages after a race.

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  • My mom has a thyroid problem (either over or under active - I can't remember which) that makes her fingers swell up. If they don't go down soon, it may be worth having blood work done to make sure there isn't a more serious problem. 


  • Sodium rich foods and when I was pg. :)
  • image MrsSandro:
    Sodium rich foods and when I was pg. :)

    My mom was the one who noticed my rings were suffocating my finger and asked if I was pregnant . I scheduled a doctors appointment but I was just hoping some one else could shed some light on this. It has never happened before and they really do look like sausages lol  

    Thank you for the help :)

  • Sodium and heat do it for me.  I can be lower in weight and my rings can get really tight if it's hot or I've been eating a lot of high sodium foods. 
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  • I have heard that drinking diet drinks does that really badly to some people.....also heard Diet Dr. Pepper is the worst for it. 
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  • Honestly, two winters ago my fingers swelled like sausages and I freaked out and thought I was going to have to cut my rings off. I wasn't pregnant, hadn't changed my diet..don't drink diet soda. I don't have a thyroid problem. Nothing.

    The only thing I could think was, I worked outside and I was cold--ALL.THE.TIME. I finally went to the doctor and she was like, "Woah! those are swollen!" 

    She gave me a steroid pack--they went back to normal. 

    So, I can't say what it was, but I wouldn't wait on going to the doctor and at least getting a steroid pack. 

  • This, along with pain, was the main symptom when I had Lyme.
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