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Re: Oh Goodness Disney

  • Underwear thing isn't true. I worked at DisneyWorld.
  • How long ago? It could have changed, just sayin
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  • Oh my.   Ahahahaha.  This is just strange.
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  • The underwear thing was true until 2001. The Disney employees went on strike in 2001 and demanded that they be allowed to wear their own underwear, or at least be able to launder it themselves.
  • image Jillian*CBK*RJK:
    about 5 yrs ago

    They did this until 2001, so it would have changed by the time you got there.  From what I understand it is true.  I had a friend who was Snow White at Disney World from 1999-2000 and she said they were issued bloomers, but not that they had to share them.

  • The underwear thing is NOT true. 

    I worked in entertainment in Walt Disney World in 2000 (ie:  characters).

    I can't speak for the princesses or other face characters (I could see bloomers maybe, but trust me, you would wear your own underwear underneath that!), but I know for a fact that this is what we wore under our costumes.  We were issued black shorts, and t shirts (called "basics").  Depending on the character, you could also be issued tights or socks, arm covers (they were like spandex with finger holes) or you could wear this spandex long sleeved suck-you-in black "shirt" (not really a shirt - think like a leotard shirt), sweat bands, a black cowl (for over your head), white head covers that looked like what doctors wear to cover their faces during operations, and other things.  In the winter, you could also have black sweat pants and a sweat shirt issued to you to keep warm when you were off set (and your back-to-back was on set).  Definitely no underwear!!

    This picture was taken in December 2000 - back stage in Mickey's House in Toon Town.  It was super cold that winter, thus all the sweat pants and sweat shirts.  Underneath the pants would be black cotton shorts.


  • I followed the link to the L.A. Times article.  I have no idea about the underwear thing.  If characters were being issued underwear, I never heard about it.  Tights, yes.  Tight shorts - yes.  And I found this quote from the L.A. Times article:

    "But Callahan said workers are expected to wear underpants underneath their tights and bike shorts, and the garments are immediately laundered after they've been worn."

  • Skeet, I remember that strike. I was HORRIFIED about the things I was hearing. I wonder if the crew at Disney World had different Disney chonies than the folks @ Disney Land?
  • Mrs. D - no idea.  But I just cannot imagine them issuing you actual underwear.  I think that there has been misunderstanding between underwear and undergarments (like tights, shorts, bloomers, things like that).  Next time I talk to my friend Frank (who still works for Disney World, and who has been there since before I worked there), I'll ask him about it.  He also works in Entertainment.  Maybe he remembers more than me.  I was only there for a semester.  I just know what I was issued, and it never included underwear.

    I CAN understand feeling grossed out about wearing things like tights and socks, sweat bands, skull caps, etc. that were on other people, even if they were laundered.  I just am saying that I am pretty sure it wasn't actual underwear or bras or things like of that nature.  I wore my own sports bras, my own panties, and I am pretty certain that no other cast members wore things that were THAT personal that were shared. 

    My guess is they are talking about undergarments (referring to the types of things I posted - called undergarments because you wear them under your costume), and it was miscontsrued into actual underwear.  But I have not done every single character out there, so who knows?  But I would be seriously surprised if people were sharing things like what the article implies.

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