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Any techy/computer saavy nesties out there?

So I got my B-pics back yesterday (this is the woot part) on a disc sent to me by my photography. Now for the non-woot part, the disc does not work! I've tried in in my computer, the Mr's, the PS3 and nothing. I wrote my photographer and she said she's had this issue with a few girls and it's because she burns in Vista and we run XP so I try my moms computer which runs Vista and still nothing. It just keeps saying insert disc into drive. So I write my photographer again (who is very nice BTW) and she says she'll put them on a memory stick and send them out to me again. In the mean time I am inclined to keep fiddling with it. Is there any point or am I beating a dead horse?

BTW I am going to x post this on gadgets and tech. Thanks :)


Re: Any techy/computer saavy nesties out there?

  • I had trouble with my wedding pics - similar situation to yours. I couldn't get it to open with my CD drive on my machine but DH could on his.  I tried again on mine because obviously the disk worked, and it ran when I used my DVD drive instead of the CD.  Just a thought!  I'm not, by any far stretch of the imagination, tech savvy though so I don't have a ton of suggestions for you!
  • If they are on a DVD and you're putting them in a CD drive, that could be the problem.  If not, it may be a hardware problem with the disk.  Disks do get warped, so that they cannot be read.
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