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Weight loss group?

I was wondering if any of you were interested in starting a "support" group for getting healthy and/or losing weight. After having 2 babes, my body sure isn't what it used to be and its driving me crazy! I'm thinking it would be great to share goals, meals, support, workouts and whatever else. We could do a weekly check in and maybe even walk or workout together. For me, I'm not dieting since I'm still nursing, but just eating better and working out. The fast food too many times per week and not working out sure isn't helping me. Stick out tongue

Anyone interested?

Re: Weight loss group?

  • I am interested.  I have been really good this month.  I have been cutting down on calories and eating better.  I have also started exercising.  I am in the first week of the couch to 5K program.  I have lost 7 pounds so far :-)  Every time in the past I have tried to lose weight I said "I am really going to do it this time."  Of course I didn't stick with it but this time I really am going to do it :-) 
  • Yes, I am definitely interested! I have A LOT to lose to get back to my goal weight but right now I've been aiming for about 30 more lbs. That will get me at a comfortable place to feel good about TTC #2. I don't want to be PG and at an unhealthy weight. Then...I can start all over in a few years. LOL!
  • Fantastic! I think I will post check-ins on Mondays. There we can post our goals, how much we've gained/lost, what our plans are for the coming weeks, recipes, schedule workouts together and all of that stuff. The first one will be this coming Monday. So, be thinking of those things I listed. :-)  I'm so excited that there is some interest!
  • Sounds great! Mondays are good days...nothing like starting off a new week with some encouragement!
  • Count me in! Sound fun.
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  • I am interested too. I have gained sooo much weight since I started my job and got married. *hangs head in shame*
  • Me!  i forget to check this board!  Sorry!

    I am not doing much exercise until my foot heals......tried walking a few days ago and the pain was pretty bad. 

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