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Family Tree?

Have you or anyone in your family ever done a family tree (history)?

If so how far back did you go?

What is the best way to do research?

Re: Family Tree?

  • I know my mom has one.... goes back about 5 generations. Didn't do much research besides family...

    I had to do a family tree in college for a class. More for the pretty aspect and practice using pedigree symbols.

  • DH has traced his back for many many generations - and he started by family word of mouth, then he searched online somewhere, not for sure. He has traced his back pretty far, even into Europe - it's amazing when I saw it!!!   I can do mine a few generations but only to when people came to united states, then it gets blurry over in Poland and Germany.
  • My mom has gone back as far (if not further) to when my dad's family actually came over on the Mayflower.  One of my great (times ?) uncles was some sort of mayor or leader.

    My mom searches for lost cemetaries.  As kids we would track along with her.  One time even having a contest as who had the most seed ticks.  My cousin won with over 140!

    She has hours and hours of research.  If you would like to e-mail her I am sure she can give you some info on where to start.

    Page me or e-mail me at reeree76 at yahoo dot com if you would like her help.

  • A couple of my aunts have our family tree traced back to the mid-1800's.  I think a couple of good resources for them have been local historical societies and LDS churches, believe it or not.  Some of them (maybe all, I don't know) have family history centers.
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