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Running in the morning

I've been trying to run in the morning before it gets too warm and the day gets away from me. The problem is I run horribly in the morning! My afternoon/evening runs are always my best. Any tips to help my morning runs improve?

Re: Running in the morning

  • Keep trying! Are you eating anything before you go? Make sure you hydrate well the day before, too. And of course, bring water/fuel if you need it.


  • Definitely eat before you go...just something small and easy to digest.  I can have a small bowl of cereal with almond milk about 30 minutes before heading out the door and it helps a LOT
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  • Keep at it.

    Your body needs to adjust to being so active in the morning. When I first switched to morning runs it sucked. I didn't like getting up earlier, my body felt like it was in a funk, etc. Eventually, after about a week or two of steady morning runs, my body adjusted. I figured out what worked best for me in terms of "breakfast" and now I'm so adjusted to getting up early my body considers 7am sleeping in!


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  • I have been doing this too. I struggle with getting out of bed to begin with; getting up even earlier just to eat something has not been happening. I have noticed that if I stay really well hydrated and eat well-balanced meals the day before things go alright. If I go to a post-work happy hour and don't get home until 10, the run predictably is a little rough.
  • I have to have coffee before I run.?I?usually?eat?toast?with?pb?too.
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  • I have a handful of shredded wheat and either 1/2 banana or some grapes before my morning run - I would die without that little bit of fuel!
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  • I have been eating 1 square of dark chocolate and drinking a 1/2 c. of milk before my runs and then having another 1/2 c. of milk after my runs and it seems to help a lot. 
  • Ugh, I feel your pain.  I hate running in the morning but it's a necessary evil in the summer.

    You'll get somewhat used to it after a couple of weeks.  Even though I don't think I ever *fully* adjust and run as well as I would later in the day, it *does* get easier.

    I don't eat anything before I go in the morning, but I do make sure I drink plenty of water the night before so I don't wake up super dehydrated.

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  • I'm the opposite.  I love running in the morning (hate waking up, but it's worth it).  I hate running in the afternoons.  I do terrribly.  I don't know why?  Maybe I'm wiped out at that point.

    Before running I have a mini luna bar usually.  Then I have my 1% chocolate milk after running. 


  • It takes some time getting used to a new workout time but if you do it long enough it'll be just like brushing your teeth in the am.  I used to be a afternoon/evening runner but now that it's getting hot I run in the am now.  Plus, DS is my alarm clock since he usually wakes up at 6-7ish for his am feeding and I'll just go for a run after I finish feeding him.  And if you want to improve your time, there's nothing like taking a run with a screaming kid that will make you want to get home a little faster.  Ha.

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