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? for List-a-holics

So, i figured it would be a good idea to work on a master grocery list...when i was a kid my dad and I would go grocery shopping and very methodically go up and down every aisle and always buy the same things (except when my little kiddie brain went I WANT! in the lunchables section). I still pretty much have THAT list of stuff stuck in my head, but now that I'm grown and married I eat and do things a little differently.

Enough preamble. At any rate, do you have a separate pantry and grocery list, or just one? I was thinking it would be easier to keep a list of stuff I buy every time separate from a list of stuff I don't have to buy that often (for instance it takes me a good long while to get through a can of baking powder).

WDYT? How do you organize your grocery shopping expeditions? 

Re: ? for List-a-holics

  • I just keep a running list going and when I am getting low on something it goes on the list.  I only grocery shop twice a month so I buy enough to last two weeks.  I also check the sales papers and if something I use a lot is on sale, I will stock up.  HTH!
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  • I try and write things down as I need them. But before we go to the store, I re-write my list in order of the aisles so I don't forget something and have to walk back.
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  • I can't think of a single item I buy on every grocery store trip, so two lists wouldn't make sense for our family. 

    We have an Excel spreadsheet with all of the common items we buy sorted by category.  We keep a few copies on the fridge and just highlight the items we need as we run out and as we meal plan for the upcoming week.  The list is pretty inclusive, but we'll write in specialty items as necessary.

  • I just make a list of the items I need less often (like sugar, flour, etc) because then I add my list of ingredients for the meals we are eating that week.
  • I have a white board on our fridge, when I see we are getting low on something I jot it down quick on the white board. Then when I make my list for groceries I put on what I need for meals that week and then I add what I put on the white board.
  • When I find I'm running low on things it goes on the list.  Then before I go grocery shopping I menu plan and add the ingredients I need to that list.  
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  • I do not have two lists, but we have a "permanent List" that is typed out. this includes milk, bread, eggs, etc. things We get every shopping list then we add what is needed for meal plans from there. We keep a permanent list up on the refrigerator through out the week so if one of us finds we our out of something it gets added right then.



  • I get the impression that a lot of ladies here do meal planning, so keeping a running list makes a lot of sense. I did the meal-planning thing for a while hoping that it might save money, but I ended up spending about the same and the whole process was fairly agonizing.

    Personally I have a mental catalog of recipes & combinations & techniques. I analyze what's in the pantry and then decide on something that I can make with my available resources. So essentially I'm a staples-only cook, therefore keeping a list of things I don't run out of very often and a list of things I need regularly (perishables, mostly) seems like it might nix most of my listing process in general. 

    Seems like I'm kind of the odd one out in my method :D 

  • I keep an Excell spreadsheet of all the items that I purchase. I have a column for which store I purchased it at, and how much it was. I also have a column that indicates whether I'm running low on the item. It usually only takes me a minute or 2 to scan the spreadsheet to determine what items I need to jot down on my grocery list and at which store to purchase it at.
  • I downloaded a categorized grocery list from the internet (just Google it) and I stuck it to the fridge. I fill out the list as I notice that we need things. I also menu plan and plug in the items I need into the categories.

    I find that the categorized list helps me to keep track of the things I've found and the store and the things I still need to get.

    Some of the categories are meat, dairy, pantry, non-food, etc. 

  • We use this "all out of" list.  It's awesome!

    Sorry no clicky - I'm on a mac 

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