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I'm really sad...

I'm just venting to get this out of my system.

I know this is beyond lame, but I just can't help it, I am really sad.  Dh left for his work training today in NYC.  He won't be back until the 18th.  I almost lost it saying good-bye to him today at the airport.  Partially because Leo and I didn't stay (Leo was sleeping and parking was going to be expensive), we just dropped dh off, which of course you can't stay there very long.  I was holding back tears driving the whole way back home.

I have no idea why I am so emotional over this.  And it's not like I'm going to be completely alone since my parents and my sis are arriving on the 11th and staying through until Leo's party.  I dunno.

I'm sitting here getting all upset again.  I really need to just suck it up.  It's just a few weeks, right?  I've been through much longer time apart before.  Hell, we used to go months and months, at one point, almost a year without seeing eachother.  

I really wish I had my bff here or I was closer to family.  This just sucks.

Blah.  Thanks for reading.

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Re: I'm really sad...

  • I'm sorry that you are sad. 

    When I had to go away for training I cried and I was only gone for a week at a time (lame).  I think since we are expats away from family and a larger network distance and time apart really effects us.  I hope you and Leo have some fun together while your DH is gone!!

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  • I used to get upset periodically when H was gone, and he's gone a lot.  But, it's really gotten a lot better.  I'd just chalk it up to having a bad or emotional day. :)  You'll feel better tomorrow.
  • I'm sorry you're having a hard time without J tonight. I wish there were something I could do to make you feel better.

    I know he'll be gone a few weeks, but I'm sure Leo will keep you busy. Can you call or email J while he's gone? It'll make it so much easier for you if you can keep in touch.

    If there's any way I can help, please let me know. ** Hugs **

  • Oh, that's tough! You can do it though, he'll be back in no time!

    Enjoy having the bed to yourself, and being able to watch whatever on the TV without him grumbling - the time will fly by!

  • Sorry to hear you are blue! Even though it will go by quickly, I can understand how you feel! Having a countdown kept me sane, time will fly by!
  • ahhhh ((hugs)) I totally understand - it's hard to be away from your dh like that - especially since he's going to the US, I hope the time he's away goes quickly for you:)
  • Sometimes it's already hard enough being somewhere different, away from everyone and everything you would normally rely on, to then have your spouse not there. But you know you are way stronger than this and will be fine.

    Since we just got done with DH coming and going constantly (I seriously didn't even post half the times he was gone because it was so often), this is a familiar story. I recommend eating what DH doesn't like, drinking that bottle of nice wine by yourself at night (spread out over a few days), and scheduling a couple extra activites for you and Leo and a special activity for just you. Really helped me with the days have structure, purpose, and enjoyable moments.

  • I know how you feel.  I won't see FI for another 3 weeks or so and it sucks!  <<hug>>
  • *hugs* I'm sorry. I'd be exactly the same way. Heck, I was when DH went away for 5 days! We're here all the time, and it's only 10 days until your family is here!
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  • I get this. We were long-distance for so long, but haven't been apart a single day since I moved and I know it would be totally different to be apart now. It was just how life was before, but not now. It's a new life now.


  • When DH leaves for work/personal travel (and luckily it doesn't happen a lot) I am always like that.  I do so much better when I am the one who leaves!  I think it is always harder on the person left behind!  Cry when you feel like it, eat what you like, and email if you can.  Have wine and prepare for your family to come over, which is exciting.

    I do agree that this is one of the harder aspects of being an ex-pat. 

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  • (((hugs)))  I hope the time passes quickly for you.  I still have a hard time with DH's travels.
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  • GilliCGilliC member
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    I get really lonely when DH is gone.  Usually the first day is fantastic, because I can watch all the Grey's Anatomy and get all the laundry done that I want (usually we're fighting each other for the washer or the drying rack).  We spend so much time together that I enjoy the first day or two on my own.  But after that it sucks.  I don't know how I would handle longer.

    I guess I did when we were in Beijing and DH went back to the States for 6 weeks for surgery.  But I think my ex-pat friends at the time went way out of their way to keep me busy.  That was sweet of them.

  • I'm sorry you are sad. I would be upset too.  Try to do some fun things with Leo and keep yourself busy.
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  • {{{Big hugs}}} Expat...don't worry about being emotional.  We're all wrecks sometimes.  At least you have Leo, and your parents and sister are coming :) Take the time to do something just for really long bubble baths.

    Time will fly by, no worries :)

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  • Thank you ladies, I really appreciate the nice thoughts.  You're all right, time will fly by.  I just need to take it one day at a time.  I'm actually a lot better today.  I think yesterday was the worst.  I am just trying to keep myself busy.  It's really crappy and rainy out today, but after lunch Leo and I are going to take me bathing suit shopping so that tomorrow (and every MWF from here on out) he and I can go to mommy and me swim sessions at the local leisure center.

    Thanks again.

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  • ((((hugs))))  That sucks :-( My DH is also in the US, so I understand how you feel! But I agree with Lane, definitely start a countdown, it really helps! And try to enjoy things that you can't/don't do when DH is around! Feel better soon!

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