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An answer...

To my health problems.  My pains.  My aches.  My chronic shittastic runny schits.  My headaches.  The bizarre rash on my bum cheeks and elbows I'd never mentioned, because I thought it was just my dry skin.  My canker sores inside my mouth, that had just started and I thought douchelord probably had given me something.  My fatigue. Being bloated.  My PAINZ.

I have celiac disease.  LIVING GLUTEN FREE BABY.

My doctor said that after a few weeks of eating this new "diet" (well, lifestyle) I will feel like new.  No need for any other doctors because this is my problem.

All these months and finally a doctor tests me.  I had gone to him for a routine physical only.  Go figure.  I had given up on all my "symptoms".  I thought it was just me getting older.  He said I was born with it, however, my surgeries or all the stress could have triggered it.

Bonus?  STD free.  Awesome!!


Re: An answer...

  • that sucks that you need to live gluten free now, but I'm glad the found the source of your troubles.

    std free is awesome!

  • Glad you got some answers - and that it wasn't an STD! lol...
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  • Wow, that's amazing. Celiac can be really nasty but a relatively simple fix - yay!
  • imoanimoan member
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    I have a friend who is allergic to gluten.  She found out a few years ago so she's got a pretty good handle on it.  Let me know if you need some advice or recipes or anything!
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  • Yay for an answer! I have a girlfriend that has celiac's. Being in a metropolitan area will help tremendously. Good Luck!!
  • Wow, I'm happy for you that you:

    (1) have an answer; and

    (2) do NOT have an STD!

    GL with learning about your condition and hopefully feeling way better very soon!

  • My friend was actually just recently diagnosed with this.  It only took 40lbs and about a year's worth of pain to diagnose.  On a side note, my sister lived gluten free for about a year when breastfeeding her son, and she was able to find many yummy fake out recipes for all her favorites (chocolate chip cookies even!).

    Pepper, the not so wonder pup
  • aha, my ex-boss wife has celiac. there are a LOT of gluten free baking products available. I know that Safeway has a big organics section with lots of gluten free stuff, like anything by Red Mill. Im glad you have a solution to your problem!

    and that you dont have crabs. =D

  • Congratulations! lol

    Welcome to the club that no one wants to be in. 

    It's horrifying how long it takes to get diagnosed, isn't it? I read that the average time from onset of symptoms to diagnosis is 11 years in this country. 

    You really will feel better soon, much better. I started feeling better within a few days, and then it just kept improving until I felt pretty much 100% after a couple of months (I had a really severe skin reaction that took about 6 weeks to clear up). 

    The best part? You'll no longer have to chose which pants to wear out based on whether or not you'll be eating.

  • I'll ditto Rock's congratulations and welcome!  :)

    My daughter and I were both diagnosed about 3 years ago.  Life changing but in a really good way. 

    GF is hard at first but gets easy soon. 

  • FYI:Not everything from Bob's Red Mill is gluten free. However, they do have a HUGE selection of gluten free baking mixes and flours.
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