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how soon can you take a pregnancy test?

so, this morning i woke up and realized that I have  forgotten to wear my birth control patch for an entire week. ahhh! so now I'm concerned that I could very possibly be pregnant which wasn't on the table for us. Does anyone know how soon I can take a pregnancy test?

p.s. I posted on this wall about how I wasn't having any orgasms during sex. The ladies on here gave me some excellent advise and the situation with my husband has improved dramatically! (which is why forgetting my patch is such a big deal. lol!)

Re: how soon can you take a pregnancy test?

  • i only use clear blue digital preg. test you get the best result closer to ur missed period. you can start at 5 days before. or you can call your doc and get the blood test done it very accurate and could probably tell you sooner not sure when my sister did the blood test the week or two weeks after conception so it soon!!! hope all turns out well.
  • It depends on the pregnancy test but its most common for you to be able to test 5 days before, or any time after a missed period. For the MOST accurate results you'll want to wait at least till the first day you expect your period. If you do it before then, and sometimes even after, you can still get a negative result even if you really are pregnant. It just depends on how much hCG (the hormone a preg test checks for) your body is producing already. The longer you have been pregnant the higher your hCG levels are, and the stronger and faster your test results would show up. But some woemn, a very low percentage, actually continue to have negative test results till sometime in their 3rd month of pregnancy. If you dont want to wait the 2-4 weeks it could take for you to get close to when youre supposed to get your period, or you just want to make sure your results are accurate, you can always go see your family dr or your OB. They can do a blood test that is MUCH more sensitive than anything you'll get in the stores.

  • I would wait until you miss your period.
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  • How on earth do you forget for a whole week?

    Based on what I have read from the GP board, it takes about two weeks from conception for the test to turn up positive...which, as other have said, is normally when you would have your period.

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  • Yep, you're going to have to wait until you miss your period. Known as "the two week wait" for most of the gals trying to get pregnant. IF you have ovulated sometime this past week, it would take two weeks from the date of ovulation for an accurate test result. So that leaves you...anywhere from a week to two weeks from now to take a test.

    My official advice is to wait a week from now, take a test, and keep taking a test once a week after that or until your period shows up. Best of luck either way.

  • Plan B.

    Depending on when you last had sex, you might be able to prevent a pregnancy.  You can take it up to 72 hours after unprotected sex (according to the packaging) and up to 5 days (unofficially).

    You can get it over the counter without a prescription. 

  • image DaringMiss:

    Plan B.

    Depending on when you last had sex, you might be able to prevent a pregnancy.  You can take it up to 72 hours after unprotected sex (according to the packaging) and up to 5 days (unofficially).

    You can get it over the counter without a prescription. 

    Ooh good point, I didn't even think of that. OP, if you take Plan B, it will prevent you from ovulating if you haven't already, but it will not affect an embryo if you are already pregnant.

  • I got a positive result exactly 4 weeks after the first day of my last period.



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  • Dollar Tree tests are actually very sensitive and cost-effective.

    HPT accuracy DPO
    10 dpo : 35%
    11 dpo : 51%
    12 dpo : 62%
    13 dpo : 68%
    14 dpo : 74%
    15 dpo : 80%
    16 dpo : 88%
    17 dpo : 92%
    18 dpo : 99%

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  • Can everybody PLEASE learn to spell "advice" correctly?  It's with a "c."
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