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**Whine Wednesday**

what's twisting your undies this week?


Re: **Whine Wednesday**

  • I'm very fortunate that DH has a job that lets me stay home..but he's been getting home so late..and I guess the guy who had the  job before wasnt so great- so he's being doing back work on top of new work so he's pretty crabby...

    It's so sad that I'm lookng forward to getting my wisdom teeth out- because he's taking the day off to take care of me and someone will have the baby.. 


  • Stick out tongueMy only whine is that I have to wait until 11:30 to see you and two!!!
  • This week is "Shadow Week," and the current 6th graders come up and have a 7th grade buddy. My classes are doubled, and some lil buggers think it cool to act up in class when shadows are here. UGH!

    I called in sick yesterday, and I still feel lousy. It's allergies, and I HATE IT!

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  • See my post from yesterday.....

    Oh, and wonderful allergies too.

  • I have to tutor until 8:30 tonight. I also filled our pool too much so now we have to get some water out.
  • DH and I had an argument last night and I'm still mad/upset.  It's ruining my mood.
    July 19, 2008

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  • I am actually getting a lot done at work today without many distractions, so I can't whine about that.

    I am kinda pizzed at my husband's doctor though.. he has to have an ultrasound on his liver because when he went for his yearly physical they did bloodwork and his liver function came back a little abnormal.  He has been trying to call her for 3 days now to get the script to get the ultrasound and she hasn't called him back yet.  UGH!  I just want him to get this done now so the docs can review the results and we can get this squared away before the baby comes.  Plus I am a little worried, and I want to make sure everything is ok with my hubby.

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  • I asked a student yesterday where he was supposed to be, and he told me "it's none of your business, stop bothering me". UGH isn't anyone taught respect anymore??

  • I'm stressed from this field trip (see post below).  I'm peeved about the fact that we set the guidelines to go on this trip - no suspensions, can't be failing 2 or more classes, etc. and the principal is constantly trying to get kids to go that don't meet the criteria.  We did this for a reason.  It's a priviledge to go on the trip and should be a reward for the good kids.  We don't feel some kids deserve this but he doesn't see it that way.  He wants us to take the kids that bully and steal and lie and cheat.... so every year we have this battle and every year it give me stress.  I do not want to reward bad behavior!

    I'm also sick of a few things outside of school but that's a whole other matter.

  • I'm VERY annoyed with Time Warner and am thinking about switching to dish....
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