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Baby Shower Ideas

I am helping my best friends mom and MIL plan her baby shower and was wondering if any of you have any good ideas.  This is her first baby and we won't be told the sex of the baby until the shower so we can do pink and blue for sure.  We won't be doing any games but if there was anything else you liked or totally disliked, let me know.  Any favors that were cute that you remember?  Or websites that you found ideas on?  TIA!!!
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Re: Baby Shower Ideas

  • I just had my shower and they did a bird theme.  The centerpieces were bird houses that my mom and sisters painted and decorated, and the favors were little birds nests that had jordan almonds in them, it was so cute!  They also had little birdie cut-outs that they made out of cute scrapbook paper on the table.  Here are some pics:





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  • I loved the bird theme!  For my shower there was a Peter Rabbit theme.  The invites had Peter Rabbit on them and my Mom and MIL made gift tags and included them with the invites they had Peter Rabbit on them.  Also, I loved that people gave me books and signed their names in them.  I read them to the baby every night. 
  • My sister had a blue and brown theme since that is the color scheme for his room.  My favor was a milk chocolate in the shape of a diaper pin since we use cloth diapers.  For my sister's shower We had tulips as the centerpieces and taht also served as the favor.

  • Thank you all for your ideas!
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  • My shower was themed around DS's room - jungle. Sugar cookies in animal shapes, jungle animals on the cake, etc. My family saved some of the decorations and I was able to use them for DS's 1st birthday party, which saved me some $$. I think the favors was tulip bulbs in decorated clay pots. Everything doesn't have to match, it's really OK.

    I've always loved the idea of blue punch with floating rubber duckies in the bowl.

    I also LOVE the idea of having everyone bring a book to start the baby's book collection. Or everyone bringing a pack of diapers, but I like the book idea better. Kind of like how everyone will bring a recipe at a wedding shower. 

    You really don't need a lot for a shower - some balloons, streamers, and flowers for decorations. Good finger food and drinks. Music. The rest tends to take care of itself. 

    The only thing I detest at showers is when you make the guests fill out the addresses on their own thank you cards (tacky) or when there's no alcohol. Throw a sister a freaking bone and pony up for a bottle of wine to make a boring ass event a little more tolerable. I'm pretty sure most girls don't go gaga over the idea of attending showers - they go to support their friends & family and because it's tradition. And yes - I insisted on having booze at my own baby shower.  

  • My shower was based on the color scheme of L's room and star shapes (blue and orange)..

    We had a full bar (LOL)- my centerpieces were star lollipops- my cousin had each table decorate onsies- they were super creative.

    I also loved that she did a bag that said "birthday wishes for a special boy" and each person wrote a wish- the point of the bag is to pull out one wish and read it each year on his birthday...



  • I like the book idea and the blue punch with the rubber duckys too.  I gave a few ideas from here to my friends mom.  Thank you again for all of the ideas!
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