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The Bachelorette

Did anyone catch this trainwreck last night?

I can't believe she sent Shooter home!

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Re: The Bachelorette

  • OMG. I just read all the reviews on Reality Steve. Ca-ray-zee.
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  • thanks for reminding me to check reality steve.

    i am STILL in tears over the whole "hot sauce dancing" line from the texan dude.  OMG, so damn funny.

    and, ali's dress was ill-fitting.  i was annoyed by her constant shoulder-hunching, and it almost fell off as she greeted one of the guys. 

    lastly, there isn't a single standout in the whole group of guys, IMO.  ugh.

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  • I am soooo annoyed that reality steve is blocked at work.

    I thought I was going to hate this season after the first 15 mins of Ali's super annoying & uncomfortable guffaw, but there were so many great little gems last night (including shooter and then the hot sauce dancing comment) that I fear I am already well down the path of love. 

  • Reality Steve has some great stuff. There are THREE drama bombs on this season. THREE!

    My cup runneth over.

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  • Sadly, it appears I will be sucked into yet another season.  There is little else to watch during the summer.  I just read all the stuff on Reality Steve.  Gotta love the drama. 
  • Her teeth look like chiclets and she left Jake to return to her job at Facebook. I'm out.

  • image pinkybooklover09:

    Her teeth look like chiclets and she left Jake to return to her job at Facebook. I'm out.

    I didn't know her job was at FACEBOOK! Hahaha.

    If you aren't going to watch the season, you should at lease read the spoilers on Reality Steve. Very entertaining.

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  • I just talked to my parents and my dad is hooked on this season already.  He was so excited to talk about it.  I told him there would be some drama but he did not want details because then I would ruin the excitement for him.  Yes my father just turned 78.  I find this highly amusing.  I now have a legitimate excuse to watch it-I can bond with my dad over it and he will have someone to talk to about the Bachelorette. 
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